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Mr. Tickle and the Dragon is an entry in the Mr. Men and Little Miss Magic Series. It was first released on 1 January, 2005[1]


Mr. Tickle has found out that something has burned down his house, so he goes forth with determination to find out who it is that has burned his house to a cinder! Along the way, he notices that his house wasn't the only thing reduced to ash. Both Mr. Funny's shoe car and Mr. Clever's House have been burnt to a crisp as well! It was then he discovers that it was a dragon did it, and the dragon threatens to burn Mr. Tickle to a crisp! However, Mr. Tickle tickles the dragon and gets him to use his fire for good, such as heating up the water in Little Miss Splendid's pool, melting the frost outside Mr. Bump's garden path, Mr. Forgetful's cup of coffee that he forgot about, and cooking Mr. Greedy's sausages. After that, the dragon feels much better.



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