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Mr. Uppity's Big House is the 4th episode of the first season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 27 October, 1995.


Mr. Snooty (known here as Mr. Uppity as this was prior to his renaming in 2021) loves his enormous house, so he decides to open it to the public in order to make some money. He puts an advertisement in the paper for a Mr. Man to come and do the housework and it's Mr. Clumsy who turns up! Mr. Uppity hesitates a moment, but Mr. Clumsy promises to be very careful. And indeed, Mr. Clumsy manages to clean the whole house without any breakage, despite a series of near disasters! In actual fact, it is Mr. Uppity who causes the final catastrophe!


UK Voices

  • Geoffrey Palmer - The Narrator
  • Jill Shilling - Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Shy
  • Gordon Peters - Mr. Uppity, Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Clumsy

US Voices

  • Len Carlson - Mr. Uppity, Mr. Forgetful, Mr. Clumsy
  • Catherine Disher - Little Miss Splendid, Little Miss Shy
  • Ron Rubin - The Narrator


  • As Little Miss Magic appeared in this episode, it is possible she appeared at Mr. Uppity's house, after he broke his favourite vase, and then Miss Magic magically put the pieces back together.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
French La somptueuse maison de Mr Malpoli The palatial home of Mr. Rude
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