Cheese...Eggs...Cauliflower...Alarm Clock...Shoes...!

The story starts with Mr Forgetful saying the preceding quote and looking for milk for his cat, but he actually goes out to buy some bread. Along his way he meets Little Miss Wise, whom he calls "Little Miss Dotty" and "Little Miss Giggles" by mistake. Then he is stopped by a restaurant owner who thinks he is the new waiter. Mr Forgetful sees lots of hungry customers in the restaurant, and goes into the kitchen to collect the food. Then he takes a sundae to Mr Greedy, who sees Little Miss Splendid's dog in it! Idiot! He soon tries to find the dog, but bumps into Miss Wise! Again! He says that he was looking for a little bird for her, but Miss Wise explains that she doesn't have a bird! She decides to take Mr Forgetful into the restaurant, but Mr Forgetful, being Mr Forgetful, FORGETS THAT HE IS ACTUALLY A WAITER!!! Idiot! Little Miss Splendid asks the waiter where her dog is, but Mr Forgetful soon explains: "The Little Dog You Gave Mr Greedy For His Dessert!" Idiot! The dog soon appears, and Mr Forgetful says that he and Miss Wise should go for a stroll, as he has forgotten his way home! Idiot! He starts looking for milk again, saying "Cheese...Eggs...Cauliflower...Alarm Clock...Shoes...!" again! Idiot!


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