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Poor Little Miss Splendid. She had been looking forward to taking the rest of the Mr. Men and Little Miss on a lovely day out, but alas, it came on a rainy day.

Fortunately Little Miss Fun has a solution - find some indoor activities for them to do:

They all begin to have fun, but not in the way everyone imagined it:

  • Miss Scatterbrain and Mr. Nonsense make cakes that nobody in their right mind would eat and make a mess of the kitchen.
  • Mr. Dizzy and Little Miss Dotty paint the dining room wall with dots.
  • Mr. Mischief and Little Miss Naughty both get bored of the board games and use them as sledges causing Miss Splendid's vases to get smashed
  • Little Miss Somersault and Mr. Forgetful making a magic carpet out of Little Miss Splendid's rug and gluing the chairs together to make a ladder
  • Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Star pillow fighting

It'll likely take a long time to clean up all that mess but at least everyone had fun.

Barring Mr. Muddle who was sunbathing in the rain!

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