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Music is a Season 1 episode in The Mr. Men Show.


A tuba playing Mr. Strong shows his softer side; Cacophony ensues when Mr. Noisy gets a drum set; and Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine host What Do You Know About Music?.


  • Miss Helpful, Mr. Strong and Mr. Bounce's Plot: Miss Helpful teaches Mr. Strong and Mr. Bounce how to play the tuba. But then turns out to be a disaster.
  • Mr. Noisy and Mr. Quiet's Plot : Mr. Noisy plays his drums really really loud. It gives Mr. Quiet a huge headache. Soon, Mr. Quiet goes and complains to him but then Mr. Noisy says,"Will you keep it down, Mr. Quiet?! I'm practicing!"
  • Mr. Nervous' Plot: Mr. Nervous imagines that he's a fly and hopes to not be eaten by a spider. He is really auditioning for Mr. Tickle's band.
  • Mr. Persnickety, Miss Naughty and Mr. Rude's Plot: Mr. Persnickety conducts the Dillydale Orchestra. However, Mr. Rude and Miss Naughty keep giving interruptions. Near the end, Miss Naughty put the bubbles on each of the Mr. Men and Little Misses instruments, causing them to float up. Then, Miss Naughty bangs her cymbals to cause the bubbles to pop. The Mr. Men and Little Misses fall down and the water falls on Miss Naughty, causing her to be washed away.
  • Mr. Happy, Miss Sunshine, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Strong and Mr. Scatterbrain's Plot: Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine host a game show called "What Do You Know About Music?" with the contestants Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Strong and Mr. Scatterbrain. After the last question, Mr. Scatterbrain's monkey attacks the studio and the segment ends.



  • The Boogies Got Me (US version only)


Mr. Nosy is break dancing, but creates a huge crevasse and falls in it.

  • The boombox falls into the crevasse.
  • Mr. Small falls inside the crevasse.
  • Mr. Nosy falls inside the crevasse and lands in water.
  • Mr. Nosy repeats the same as the last bumper, but Mr. Scatterbrain shows up.



  • Variations of the theme song were heard throughout the episode.
  • This is the first time they show What Do You Know About Music?.
  • It is mentioned (in UK) that Dillydale is a nation, not just a city.
  • In the opening, Little Miss Sunshine is parodying the titular musical number from the film The Sound of Music.
  • Miss Calamity is clearly not a good singer, as everyone but Mr. Bump runs away. However, Mr. Bump probably likes the music, since he gives a thumbs up.
  • There was no movement when the shot was on the Mr. Men and Little Misses at the theater.
  • The sound and movements on Miss Calamity playing is off:
    • When she first played it, she plays it from short to long strings, but the keys are played from deep to high. From a musician's perspective, long strings makes the notes low, while short strings make them high.
    • Her hand gestures from the second time are reused cycles, so they don't match up the notes.
  • It seems that Little Miss Naughty poured bubble soap in all of the other instruments, even though the scene only showed her only doing Mr. Rude's.
  • Despite Mr. Rude struggling to blow the tuba when it was filled with bubble soap, it still would've made a gargling sound.
  • Little Miss Calamity's harp is shown blowing bubbles, which would be unlikely as most the other instruments are ones that can be blown, while hers is only one aside from Miss Naughty's that is not pipe-based.

Dub edits

  • In the US version of What Do You Know About Music?, Mr. Grumpy snidely comments on Little Miss Sunshine's performance, which is counted as an incorrect answer, while in the dub, he incorrectly guesses the national anthem of Dillydale.


  • The description on the official YouTube channel states "Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump make not-so-sweet music together", despite there being no such segment and Little Miss Whoops only appearing in the episode in a reused scene transition.


Music Title Card.png

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