NSPCC Children's T.V. Favourites: Volume Two is a children's compilation video released by Abbey Home Entertainment Distribution in 1992.


  1. "The Postman Pat Song" (an animated excerpt from Postman Pat's ABC)
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends: Thomas and Gordon
  3. Spider in the Bath
  4. Junglies: Albert's Tooth
  5. Pingu Delivers the Mail
  6. Spot's Birthday Party
  7. Huxley Pig Goes Flying
  8. "Rupert and the Pirates" (an excerpt from The All-New Adventures of Rupert)
  9. Paddington Bear Cleans Up
  10. Mr. Men and Little Miss: Little Miss Trouble
  11. Anytime Tales: Elmer (David McKee)
  12. Nellie the Elephant Rescues Mrs. Maple's Moggy
  13. Anytime Tales: I Want a Cat (Tony Ross)
  14. Favourite Nursery Rhymes: "Bow, Wow says the dog", "The Wheels on the Bus" and "A Frog He Would a Wooing Go" (Excerpts taken from "One, Two. Buckle My Shoe and Other favourite Rhymes)
  15. Bump's Upside Down Friend
  16. Rosie and Jim: School (Animated story excerpt)
  17. "A Day at the Seaside" (an excerpt take from Granpa)


  • The back cover lists several episodes out of order:
    • "Pingu Delivers The Mail" is listed as the 2nd episode.
    • "Thomas and Gordon" is listed as the 3rd episode.
    • "Favourite Nursery Rhymes" (with the three excerpted songs from "One, Two. Buckle My Shoe and Other Favourite Rhymes") is listed as the 4th episode.
    • "Huxley Pig Goes Flying" is listed as the 5th episode.
    • "Paddington Bear Cleans Up" is listed as the 6th episode.
    • "Spot's Birthday Party" is listed as the 7th episode.
    • "Spider In The Bath" is listed as the 8th episode.
    • "Little Miss Trouble" is listed as the 9th episode.
    • "Bump's Upside Down Friend" is listed as the 10th episode.
    • The "Rupert and the Pirates" excerpt is listed as the 14th episode.
    • The "Albert's Tooth" episode of the Junglies is listed as the 15th episode.



NSPCC Children's TV Favourites Volume 2 (1992 UK VHS)

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