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Night is a Season 1 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


Mr. Stubborn refuses to believe in werewolves; the Case of the Little Missing Scatterbrain proves puzzling; and Mr. Lazy is mistaken for a museum mummy!


  • Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Mr. Stubborn goes to a restaurant with Little Miss Chatterbox. Little Miss Chatterbox sees a full moon and says that someone will turn into a werewolf, the victim of the night being Mr. Stubborn. Mr. Stubborn frightens everyone and refuses to believe that he's a werewolf and keeps saying there is no such thing.
  • Mr. Nosey, Mr. Small and Mr. Scatterbrain's Plot: Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small as postmen go into Mr. Scatterbrain's house. They find two pizza dogs which Mr. Nosey eats. They even find his elephant in the house and think that Mr. Scatterbrain has vanished. Mr. Scatterbrain is found downstairs in his peanut cellar which the door only opens on the outside and the wind shut it trapping the three. Mr. Scatterbrain's elephant Penelope rescues them after smelling the peanuts and Mr. Scatterbrain goes to check on the pizza dogs.
  • Little Miss Helpful and Mr. Lazy's Plot: Little Miss Helpful removes a splinter off Mr. Lazy's finger and ties bandages around him. When Mr. Lazy leaves, others find him as a mummy and get scared. What this sketch has to do with the night is anyone's guess, as it is set in the daytime.
  • Musical number: "Bump in the Night" by Mr. Quiet and Little Miss Calamity (Little Miss Helpful and Mr. Nervous in the UK)
  • Mr. Quiet's Plot (omitted in the UK): Mr. Quiet, trying to sleep, hears noises that go bump in the night before uninvited guests (namely penguins and a ghost) arrive.


Mr. Nervous is playing a jigsaw puzzle, with Little Miss Scary popping out of the window.

  1. He sees a shadow, and opens the windows for Miss Scary to pop out.
  2. He finds nothing but Miss Scary immediately jumps up and scares him again!
  3. He sees a shadow and opens the windows and no one is there. Miss Scary then sneaks up behind Mr. Nervous and scares him.


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Night" can be found here.


Dub edits[]

  • When Mr. Stubborn is transformed into a werewolf, Mr. Tickle shouts "It's a werewolf!", but in the UK dub, he addresses Mr. Stubborn by name.
  • In the segment with Mr. Scatterbrain, "pizza dogs" is changed to "pizza hot dogs" and "suspenders" is changed to "pajamas".


  • The transition between the second bumper and the next segment is not in sync. When the screen hits both Mr. Bump and Little Miss Calamity, it doesn't actually touch them.
    • Said segment takes place during the day rather than at night.
  • Mr. Bump and Little Miss Whoops vanish in the next scene when Mr. Stubborn was about to transform, but came back after Mr. Stubborn starts walking.


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