Observation Deck is a duet song sung by Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy that appeared in The Mr. Men Show episode "Skyscrapers". It does not appear in the UK version.


Small (spoken): Give me a beat, s'il vous plaît.
Nosy (spoken):Here we come!

Nosy: It's a fact that being nosy takes a lot of skill!
Small: To know what's going down in the Dale of Dill!
Nosy: To key to seeing everything and truly knowing all -
Small: is to look out from a building that's exceedingly tall!

Nosy: Oh yeah!
Going to the Observation Deck
Small (spoken): I'm observing a lot up here!
Observation Deck
Small (spoken): Hm-hm-hmmm
Nosy (spoken): Tell 'em!

Small: From our observation deck, we have a bird's eye view!
Nosy: From where we see Miss Scary dancing in a tutu!
Observation Deck
Small: Standing high atop the town, it really is a must!
Nosy: If you wanna catch Mr. Messy dropping pizza crusts!

Small: Hm-hm-hmmm!
Small: From our observation deck, the world's at our feet!
Observation Deck
Nosy: Which is great when you want to find something to eat!
Small: We search for what we're craving (Yeah!) Then we pick our location
Nosy: Then we arrive for our meal -
Both: without an explanation!

Observation Deck


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