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Outer Space is a Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


The Mr. Men and Little Misses are on adventures that are really...out of this world! Mr. Bump is fixing a satellite; Mr. Strong and his crew are searching for aliens but Mr. Quiet thinks it's something else; and Miss Naughty and Miss Scary fake an alien invasion.


  • Miss Helpful, Mr. Bump, Mr. Tickle and Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Miss Helpful has asked Mr. Bump to fix a satellite. Mr. Tickle was there to give him a tickle. Mr. Tickle tickles Miss Helpful while reading him the instructions. Asteroids smash the cord and the ship leaves without him. He reaches Ground Control but Mr. Stubborn thinks that he's not lost. Miss Helpful soon comes to save him and gets a tickle.
  • Musical number (US version): Space Junk by Mr. Messy.
  • Mr. Nervous, Mr. Strong, Mr. Quiet and Mr. Grumpy's Plot: Mr. Strong, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Nervous, and Mr. Quiet have flown to Planet Cheese. They hear aliens, but it turns out to be Miss Daredevil and Mr. Noisy playing table tennis in a cave. The segment ends with Mr. Quiet and Mr. Strong joining the two for a game of doubles. (This plot is sort of like the one in Sleep where Mr. Strong, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Nervous, Mr. Messy and Mr. Quiet think there's something dangerous, but it's really something else)
  • Mr. Fussy, Miss Naughty and Miss Scary's Plot: On the Dillydale Morning News, Miss Naughty tells false news about a UFO landing in Dillydale while Miss Scary is being the alien. Mr. Fussy tells them to stop and tell the real news. Soon two real giant aliens attack the studio and Miss Scary scares them off with her mask.


Mr. Nervous lands on a planet and tries to put a flag on it, but runs off after seeing a creature on the planet.

  1. An eye from a creature pops out from a crater whom Mr. Nervous put the flag in and scares him.
  2. He successfully plants the flag on a planet, but an alien hijacks Mr. Nervous' spaceship.
  3. A pink planet grabs the flag with its hand, revealing the planet to be a giant Mr. Scatterbrain.


Voice Cast[]



  • Katie Leigh -Little Miss Helpful & Little Miss Daredevil
  • Richard Epcar - Mr. Noisy


The transcript for "Outer Space" can be found here.


  • This is the first episode where Teresa Gallagher voices Little Miss Naughty in the UK dub.
  • The beginning of Mr. Messy's Space Junk song shows Mr. Messy collecting a black rectangle from three apes, which is a homage to "2001: A Space Odyssey".
  • Mr. Bump fixing a satellite is similar to what happened to Mr. Nervous in an imaginary adventure in Science.
  • This is the second time Mr. Bump got lost in Space. The first being Games.
  • This is another episode where Mr. Nervous is seen angry, as shown in the end of the second bumper.
  • Scenes from this episode were leaked a month prior to the second season's premiere on Dagan Moriarty's animation reel on YouTube.


  • Mr. Nervous was missing his gloves when Mr. Strong hold him from running.


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