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Paint is a Season 1 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


Little Miss Chatterbox proves a difficult subject for resident artist Mr. Rude; Little Miss Whoops' livens up traffic with her painted street lines; and Little Miss Calamity mixes in her own personal touch at Mr. Lazy's paint store.


  • Mr. Bump and Mr. Strong's Plot: Mr. Bump is painting windows with Mr. Strong. Mr. Strong pulls to fast. Mr. Strong soon sends Mr. Bump off the edge and into a paint can which Mr. Scatterbrain picks up.
  • Mr. Rude, Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Quiet's Plot: Mr. Rude is trying to paint Miss Chatterbox and her canary Featherhead. Mr. Quiet ruins it with a fan.
  • Miss Whoops and Mr. Grumpy's Plot: Miss Whoops was asked by Mr. Noisy to paint lines on a road with a paint machine on Happy Drive and makes Mr. Grumpy follow her and she gets the machine out of control and gets Mr. Grumpy into a wig shop, a turkey pen, a groove shop and even skirting Mr. Bump. They then get hit by the crusher. Mr. Grumpy replies "Next time, I'm taking the bus."
  • Miss Calamity and Mr. Lazy's Plot: Miss Calamity gets knocked into Mr. Lazy's paint machine after mixing 3 colors which were purple, blue and fuchsia (Pink in the UK) then Miss Calamity changes her own mind and finally leaves the paint store after getting splatted in the machine.
  • Mr. Messy and Mr. Persnickety's Plot: Mr. Persnickety's house inside gets covered by Mr. Messy's purple paint. The next morning it's white again and Mr. Persnickety thinks that it was all just a dream but when he walks outside he finds his shoes covered in paint.


Fun Facts


  • There were a few things changed between pre-production and the final version.
    • Mr. Grumpy said "Son of cucumber birds" instead of "Crooked cucumbers" when being squirted by Miss Whoop's machine.
    • In the storyboard, Miss Calamity fell into the paint machine due to a piece of the ceiling falling off from the rumbling.
    • Mr. Lazy said "Thanks for stopping by" in the storyboard, but changed in the final.
    • Mr. Persnickety's second rant to Mr. Messy the second went on a bit more, such as saying about having a welcome mat that should say "Go away!", and complaining about Mr. Messy's trash cans.
  • Mr. Nosy getting his nose painted red may have been a reference towards his book counterpart.


  • A line can be seen underneath Mr. Persnickety's mustache while ranting the second time. Whenever or not it was a goof or was meant to be his mouth is unknown.


  • Little dots can be seen underneath Miss Naughty's hand when she was holding the brush at the beginning.
  • Mr. Nosy was missing his hair after Miss Helpful painted over his nose.


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