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Parade is a Season 1 episode in The Mr. Men Show.


Little Miss Calamity gets carried away at the Dillydale parade; Mr. Nosy & Mr. Small sing a song about parades, and Mr. Per(s)nickety is in charge of floats.


  • Miss Scary, Mr. Tickle and Miss Calamity's plot: Miss Scary has a balloon of herself to scare everyone. But Mr. Noisy said to have Mr. Tickle and Miss Calamity to help carry it. When Mr. Tickle started tickling Miss Calamity and Miss Scary, Miss Calamity started floating away and Miss Scary scared everyone her old fashioned way.
  • Mr. Nervous' plot: Mr. Nervous imagines he's in the Roman tournament with Miss Daredevil. It's really shown that he's on a parade pony with Miss Daredevil and Mr, Lazy. When Mr. Nervous runs away, Mr. Lazy says, "Maybe we should've let him ride that tricycle like he wanted." (Deleted in the UK version)
  • Mr. Persnickety, Mr. Rude, Mr. Messy and Miss Naughty's plot: Mr. Persnickety is in charge of The Dillydale Parade Floats. But Mr. Rude and Mr. Messy's floats are so disgusting that he didn't like them. When he saw Miss Naughty's float, Dillydale Surprise, he thought it was beautiful. Until he saw the surprise part, the flower squirted grape jelly (black currant in the UK) everywhere!


Miss Whoops twirls her baton.

  1. When she throws it up, it comes back down on Mr. Bump.
  2. She misthrows it and it ends up going through Mr. Small's hat.
  3. She throws it up once more and this time it hits a pelican.


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Parade" can be found here.


  • This is the only episode with 3 plots to have 2 plots in the UK.
  • Scenes from Inventions and Chores are seen.
  • Mr. Nervous mentions Renegade Animation (in the deleted scene), the name of the company that animated The Mr. Men Show.
  • This marks the only time where Little Miss Daredevil wakes up Mr. Nervous from his daydream.
  • This episode was likely the last produced of season one, since a blog post calls it the 52th episode of season one and it is listed as such in the official upload.
  • This episode has multiple references to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, an event which has included Mr. Men characters in the past.

Dub edits[]

  • In the dub, Little Miss Naughty's grape jelly is referred to as "black currant".
  • When crashing through the tree branches, Miss Calamity says "Oak is bitter!". This was changed to "That was ghastly!"
  • It Must Be the Parade has the following:
    1. Mr. Nosey says "Wow! Look at that, Mr. Small!" instead of just saying "Wow!"
    2. Mr. Small says "Sure could use some lemonade!" in the US version and"I would love some lemonade!" in the UK version.
    3. Mr. Nosey says "Ooh! And over there is an elephant...core!" in the US dub, but in the UK dub, he says "Ooh! And over there is an apple core!"
    4. Mr. Nosey says "Uh-uh, that was Miss Calamity!" which is changed to "Oh, wait, it's Miss Calamity!" in the dub.
    5. Mr. Small says "Ah! Splendid, Nose! Splendid!" instead of just "Ah! Splendid!"


  • The YouTube description gives the nonexistent plot summaries of "Mr. Grumpy can't seem to enjoy a parade; and Mr. Stubborn proves an unhelpful parade guide". The former character only appears in background cameos and the latter character only appears in the music video.
  • After the last segment ends, the screen iris' out, but Mr. Bump falling from the sky and slamming face first into the camera and sliding down still appears.


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