Parade Title Card

Parade is a Season 1 episode in The Mr. Men Show.


  • Miss Scary, Mr. Tickle, and Miss Calamity's Plot: Little Miss Scary has a balloon of herself to scare everyone. But Mr. Noisy said to have Mr. Tickle and Little Miss Calamity to help carry it. When Mr. Tickle started tickling Miss Calamity and Miss Scary Miss Calamity started floating away and Miss Scary scared everyone her old fashioned way.
  • Mr. Nervous's Plot: Mr. Nervous imagines he's in the Roman tournament with Little Miss Daredevil. It's really shown that he's on a parade horse with Miss Daredevil and Mr, Lazy. When Mr. Nervous runs away Mr. Lazy says, "Maybe we should've let him ride that tricycle like he wanted." The three characters are later seen in the next sketch below, in spite of this sketch not being in the UK version.
  • Mr. Persnickety, Mr. Rude, Mr. Messy, and Miss Naughty's Plot: Mr. Persnickety is in charge of The Dillydale Parade Floats. But Mr. Rude and Mr. Messy's floats are so disgusting that he didn't like them. When he saw Little Miss Naughty's float, Dillydale Surprise, he thought it was beautiful. Until he saw the surprise part, the flower squirted grape jelly (blackcurrant in UK version) everywhere!


  • Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small sing a song called "It Must Be the Parade."
  • This is the only episode with 3 plots to have 2 plots in the UK.
  • Scenes from Inventions and Chores are seen.
  • Barring the appearance of Miss Calamity's statue in Trees, this is her final appearance in the show before she is being replaced by Little Miss Magic.
  • Mr. Nervous mentions Renegade, the name of the company that animated The Mr. Men Show.
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