Pests is the last episode of The Mr. Men Show in Season 2. In the episode Pests, The Mr. Men and Little Misses get bothered by pests.


Mr. Fussy's Plot: Mr. Fussy calls Mr. Strong to catch a mouse in Mr. Messy's house, but Mr. Strong. Mr. Fussy soon finds many mice and an Overgrown Mouse in the attic.

Miss Naughty's Plot (Deleted In The UK): Little Miss Naughty has an ad for Miss Naughty's Rent-A-Pest.

Mr. Quiet's Plot: Mr. Quiet, Mr. Happy and Mr. Grumpy go to Mr. Rude's restaurant restaurant when a fly flies into Mr. Quiet's soup.

Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle's Plot: Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle go out exterminating wasps. They keep stinging Mr. Bump with Mr. Tickle tickling their hive. Mr. Bump is going to rid of the wasps and then Mr Tickle's ticklish tons of fun. When they past Mr. Stubborn's house he has a wasp nest that's huge. Mr. Stubborn refuses to believe that he it's a wasps nest and thinks it's a pinata.


  • Ow. Oooh (all the time)
  • Hold back there
  • See, A ticklish tons of fun



  • Mr. Bump had Mr. Grumpy's personality when he got stung by wasps.
  • In the UK dub, the sound Mr. Bump makes when he gets stung by the wasps isn't dubbed.
  • Third time a honeybee/wasp nest is seen, the first two being Hobbies and Birthday. (Interestingly, Mr. Bump got hurt by the nests in every episode in which a wasp/bee nest was seen.)
  • This was the Last episode of Season 2.
  • This is the series finale, because the show has lost popularity and is cancelled.
  • This episode only has 4 segments.
  • Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle are the last characters to end the episode and the show.
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