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Pests is the final episode of The Mr. Men Show overall and Season 2. It aired on October 19, 2009, on Cartoon Network.


Pests are a real bother for the Mr. Men and Little Misses. Mr. Fussy finds a mouse in Mr. Messy's house; there's a fly in Mr. Quiet's soup; and the biggest wasps' nest is right on Mr. Stubborn's front door!


  • Mr. Fussy, Mr. Strong and Mr. Messy's Plot: Mr. Fussy calls Mr. Strong to catch a mouse that went into his house and went over to Mr. Messy's house, but after Mr. Strong and Mr. Messy play a game and leave Mr. Fussy to catch the mouse on his own, Mr. Fussy soon finds many mice and an overgrown mouse in Mr. Messy's attic, forcing him to retreat.
  • Advertisement (US version only): Little Miss Naughty does an ad for her "Miss Naughty's Rent-A-Pest". She explains that people can rent any pest for their troublemaking behaviour, such as mosquitoes, ants, and rabbits.
  • Mr. Quiet, Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Rude's Plot: Mr. Quiet, Mr. Happy and Mr. Grumpy go to Chez Rude when a fly flies into Mr. Quiet's soup, and makes him splash the soup. At the end, because they told Mr. Rude that they didn't like his soup, they all get kicked out of Chez Rude.
  • Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle's Plot: Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle go out exterminating wasps, first at Miss Sunshine's house. Mr. Bump tries to get rid of the wasps, but Mr. Tickle keeps tickling their nest, and they sting Mr. Bump. When they pass by Mr. Stubborn's house, Mr. Bump sees that Mr. Stubborn has a wasp nest on his door that's huge. Mr. Stubborn refuses to believe that it's a wasps nest and thinks it's a pinata, and forces Mr. Bump to retreat.


Characters are having a picnic when a giant spider comes down.

  1. Miss Daredevil stops it with one of her rockets.
  2. It kidnaps Mr. Small and comes down wearing his hat.
  3. The spider eats the picnic and Miss Scary scares it away.


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Pests" can be found here.


  • Mr. Bump had Mr. Grumpy's personality when he got stung by wasps.
  • Third time a honeybee/wasp nest is seen, the first two being Hobbies and Birthday. Coincidentally, the bees and wasps from said nests attack Mr. Bump.
  • This is the series finale, as the show was cancelled by Cartoon Network due to show's ratings not being good enough to help toy sales[1].
  • This episode only has 4 segments.
  • This is the only episode of The Mr. Men Show to not have its British dub uploaded to the official YouTube channel. Higher quality footage of the episode can be found on the French YouTube channel's upload of the episode.
    • There is a video found on YouTube user Mr. Chatterbox Wears Earplugs' channel that shows the UK dub of the episode on SkyTV's on demand service, but since the user was recording the episode on his iPad and pointing it at a computer screen, there is no high-definition recording of the episode.
      • However, there is a video combining the French dub footage and the UK audio from the aforementioned video, which can be found here.
  • Mr. Messy's house is revealed to have an attic.
  • Mr. Fussy has another picture of his mother, but he spilled his tea on it
  • Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle are the last characters to end the episode, the season, and the show.


  • When Mr. Bump talks about the difference between a pinata and a wasp's nest to Mr. Stubborn, his legs are missing.
  • When this episode aired on Cartoon Network, there was a static on the part where Mr. Bump says that a pinata would not have hundreds of angry stinging wasps. This was fixed when the episode aired on Boomerang.

Dub edits[]

  • Mr. Fussy says "No, not exactly!", instead of just "Not exactly!"
  • After the mouse appears at Mr. Messy's door, he says "Hey!"
  • Mr. Strong says "Eh, mouse mousey mouse mouse mousey mouse!", instead of "Cheep!"
  • "Checkers" is referred to as "draughts".
  • While Mr. Messy and Mr. Strong are playing their game, Mr. Strong and Mr. Messy say, "Your move!" and "Thank you!" respectively, rather than "King me!" and "Gladly!"
  • When Mr. Fussy runs down the stairs, he screams "AHHHHH! GIANT MOUSE IN THE HOUSE!" instead of "MOUSE! GIANT MOUSE!", and continues screaming after closing the door
  • When Mr. Messy says "Looks like he caught the mouse!", he says "found" instead of "caught".
  • After Mr. Strong says "Way to go, Mr. Fussy!", he says "So, are you gonna make a move or what?" in the UK version and "So, uh, you gonna king me or what?" in the US version
  • After Mr. Grumpy says "To eat", he says "for one" in the US and "obviously" in the UK
  • When Mr. Grumpy tells Mr. Happy and Mr. Quiet that they will go to a different restaurant, he says "meeting with some sauerkraut" in the UK and "date with liverwurst" in the US.
  • When Mr. Bump tells Little Miss Sunshine to go inside to her house, he says "until we're through", but in the UK, he says "until it's over"
  • The sound Mr. Bump makes when he gets stung by the wasps isn't dubbed.
  • Mr. Bump screams before he falls into the pool.
  • When Mr. Tickle runs over to Mr. Bump, he says, "See! A tickle is loads of fun!", instead of the word, "tons" in the US version.
  • When Mr. Bump says that wasps' nests aren't intended for people to tickle them, he says "to be tickled" in the UK and "for tickling" in the US
  • When Mr. Bump tells Mr. Stubborn that a pinata would have treats in it, he says "sweeties" instead of "candy" in the US
  • At the very end of the episode, when Mr. Bump and Mr. Tickle reappear from their segment, Mr. Bump screams "Leave me alone, you tickling pests!" in the UK version and "Oh, freak me out! This is craziness!" in the US version




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