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Post Office is a Season 2 episode in The Mr. Men Show.


The Mr. Men and Little Miss have a busy day at the post office today! Mr. Tickle distracts Mr. Bump from sorting letters; Mr. Messy sings the praises of junk mail; Mr. Grumpy attempts to pick up a package from Mr. Rude.


  • Mr. Tickle and Mr. Bump's Plot: Mr. Tickle tickles Mr. Bump into the letter sorting machine and he gets squashed into a letter shape, he gets sent to Mr. Stubborn who sends him back to the post office as Mr. Bump was not labeled with Mr. Stubborn's address. The day ends with Mr. Bump making it back to the mail sorting room in time to get another tickle.
  • Miss Scary's Plot: Miss Scary ads for her stamps of fear. (Not in the UK)
  • Mr. Messy and Miss Bossy's Plot: Miss Bossy hijacks Mr. Messy's show, "Shazam That's Good!", so that Mr. Messy can sing a song. Once Mr. Messy's music video finishes, Miss Bossy gives Mr. Messy a review so messy it's good and gives him his show back in return for his old cow bell.
  • Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude and Mr. Scatterbrain's Plot: Mr. Grumpy is trying to get his package from Mr. Rude and has a hard time with him. Mr. Scatterbrain the store manager gives him an ostrich and says to come back the next day. Mr. Rude then finds Mr. Grumpy's package just as he leaves and receives some karma by activating a rocket Little Miss Daredevil has asked Mr. Rude to mail out earlier.


Mr. Nervous tries to mail/post a letter.

  1. Mr. Scatterbrain gives Mr. Nervous a cuttlefish
  2. Little Miss Scary scares Mr. Nervous after a letter flies out of the post box
  3. An alien takes his letter and the postbox blasts off


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The transcript for "Post Office" can be found here.


  • According to a production screen, this episode was originally going to be called "Mail".
  • Miss Sunshine was singing The Mr. Men Show theme song when checking her postbox.
  • It's revealed that the mayor of Dillydale is Mr. Scatterbrain.
  • At the end of Mr. Grumpy's storyline, the ripple music from the Cartoon Network logo plays.

Dub edits[]

  • Mr. Stubborn says "postbox" instead of "mailbox".
  • In the Shazam That's Good segment, Little Miss Bossy says "tough tamales" when escorting Mr. Messy to the guest couch. This is changed to "ah, jeez" in the UK version.
  • In "Junk Mail", the word "fender" is replaced with "bumper" and "get it?" is replaced with "wicked!".
  • In the US version, the baby ostrich is unnamed. In the UK dub, Mr. Grumpy names the ostrich Emma.


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