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Mr. Metal, the guest of the episode.

Robots is a Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show. It first premiered on 16 September, 2009.


Mr. Grumpy's dream robot turns into a nightmare; Little Miss Scary builds a robot; and a robot tries to take over Good Morning Dillydale.


  • Mr. Grumpy's Plot: Miss Chatterbox delivers Mr. Grumpy a robot version of him, which he believes will change his life as people will bother it instead of him and it will do all of his jobs for him. It brings Mr. Stubborn and Mr. Nervous into his house when he asks for stuff (specifically a bucket of bean burgers and ketchup). Then it brings Mr. Noisy, Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine into his house when it misinterprets that Mr. Grumpy wanted a band after Mr. Grumpy told Mr. Nervous to stop singing. Mr. Grumpy then leaves in frustration, remarking "so much for my peace and quiet!".
  • The Robots' and Mr. Rude's Plot (US version only): At the Dillydale Theatre, an instrumental performance is conducted by robotic versions of Mr. Messy, Mr. Rude, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Strong, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Small, Mr. Scatterbrain, Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Tall. It ends abruptly when the robot Mr. Rude farts, causing the other robots to leave and shout his name, everyone then leaves with the exception of the real Mr. Rude who is clapping, the robot then bows and the segment ends.
  • Miss Scary, Miss Whoops, Mr. Fussy and Mr. Rude's Plot: Miss Scary and Miss Whoops make a robot, but Miss Whoops drops and breaks the computer brain and uses a toaster instead, making the robot zap Mr. Rude and Mr. Fussy's baguettes instead of growling and showing its teeth off. Miss Scary gets annoyed at this when she finds out, until the robot zaps Mr. Nervous' bread costume, which she finds a good scare. In the end, Miss Scary and Miss Whoops decide to use the robot to make a waffle, to which Mr. Fussy decides to join the two in.
  • Mr. Happy, Miss Sunshine, Mr. Metal and Miss Naughty's Plot: Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine introduce Mr. Metal on Good Morning Dillydale. He says that he wants to be a host on the show, but Mr. Happy keeps telling him that the job has been taken. He eventually has enough and shrinks Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine with his shrinking ray. It was revealed that Miss Naughty built him to take over the show as its host. Mr. Metal states he is the host and she gets shrunk as well.


Characters are asking a robot chef for food.

  1. The robot gives Mr. Strong ice cream that it eats before he can.
  2. It chucks a big muffin in Miss Chatterbox's mouth, because she drones on.
  3. The robot reveals itself to be Mr. Tickle to Mr. Nervous.


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Robots" can be found here.


  • This episode along with Bath & Bubbles is the only Season 2 episode to have Good Morning Dillydale.
  • This is the third time Mr. Fussy's car is destroyed, the first two times were Car Wash and Driving.
  • In the Mr. Messy dance scene, there are two sound effects from Super Mario World, the midway point sound, and the left/right camera scroll sound. There are also sounds effects from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Mr. Bump only appears in the US dub of this episode as a member of the audience during the musical number.
  • This is Herbie Homemaker's second appearance.
  • Mr. Metal makes his only appearance in this episode.


  • Mr. Lazy is shown seemingly living in Mr. Scatterbrain's house. This could also be interpreted as him just staying at Mr. Scatterbrain's house, presumably because he was too lazy to go back to his own camper house.

Dub Edits[]

  • Mr. Grumpy goes "Aah!" when Miss Chatterbox enters his house.
  • Mr. Grumpy says "Well this robot's going to do all my errands like, get my groceries and check my mail". While in the UK dub he says "Well this robot's going to do all my little jobs like, get my shopping and fetch my post".
  • Robo-Grumpy says "SHUT UP!" when he throws Miss Chatterbox out of the house.
  • Robot-Grumpy's line "Bucket of beanburgers, gotcha!" is "Bucket of beanburgers, coming up!".
  • Mr. Grumpy exclaims when Robo-Grumpy gives him the things he didn't want.
  • Mr. Grumpy's line "I'm gonna need some ketchup for my beanburger" is "I'm gonna need some ketchup in my beanburger".
  • "I'm not moving!" is "I am not moving!".
  • Mr. Grumpy's line "If I wanted to hear music I would have invited a band!" is shortened to just "If I wanted music, I would have invited a band!".
  • Robo-Grumpy saying "Peace and quiet!" thrice at the end of the plot is changed to him saying "Crooked cucumbers!" thrice.
  • "Some Mr. Men and Little Misses buy their robots at the robot store, while others prefer to build one instead" is changed to "Some Mr. Men and Little Misses buy their robots at the robot shop, while others prefer to build one of their own".
  • Miss Scary's line "Okay robot, do your stuff!" is altered to "Okay robot, scare away!".
  • Mr. Fussy goes "Oh?" when his baguette is burnt.
  • When the robot starts zapping Mr. Nervous' bread costume he goes "AHH!" instead of "Oh!".
  • The crowd announcing "GOOD MORNING DILLYDALE!" is replaced with a deep male voice.


Robots Title Card


US Dub[]


The mr men show robots

UK Dub[]


The Mr Men Show "Robots" (S2 E14)

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