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Ships is the fifty-second episode (second part of the twenty-sixth episode) of Season 1 of The Mr. Men Show.


Mr. Strong "sinks" at ship naming; Mr. Tickle gives a new meaning to "All Hands on Deck" and Captain Stubborn goes down with the ship.


  • Good Morning Dillydale: Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine are broadcasting the christening of the Good Ship Dillydale. They are expecting Mr. Scatterbrain to bring fizzy pop, but he forgot it at Mr. Quiet's Pop Shop. Mr. Quiet soon arrives with the fizzy pop. Mr. Strong smashes the fizzy pop on the ship but ends up breaking the bow, and the ship sinks.
  • Mr. Stubborn and Little Miss Chatterbox's Plot: Captain Stubborn sails out to sea on his ship with Little Miss Chatterbox with him. The S.S Stubborn crashes into an iceberg causing it to sink. Captain Stubborn refuses to admit that his ship is sinking and he doesn't listen to Little Miss Chatterbox. Captain Stubborn ends up going down with the ship while Miss Chatterbox and the others go to the life boats..
  • Mr. Persnickety, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Bounce and Mr. Quiet's Plot: Mr. Persnickety is teaching an aerobics class. Mr. Strong keeps knocking Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Bounce overboard, worrying Mr. Quiet. In the end, everyone except Mr. Persnickety gets knocked overboard. Leaving Mr. Persnickety annoyed when he assumes they all left without saying thank you.
  • Mr. Nervous' Plot (US version only): Mr. Nervous imagines he's the captain of a ship lost out in a stormy sea and attacked by a Kraken-like squid. It is really shown that he is playing with a rubber octopus and a plastic ship in a ship's pool. Little Miss Scary said he scared everyone on the ship and scares Mr. Nervous in retaliation for doing her job.
  • Mr. Tickle's Plot: Mr. Tickle tries to tickle passengers on the ship but no one wants to be tickled. He then joins the conga line and when he tickles Mr. Grumpy, he inadvertantly sets off a chain reaction that leads to everyone getting tickled.


Little Miss Calamity is resting outside the ship only for Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small to slide her away due to the ship tilting.

  1. Little Miss Calamity is resting with a drink and book, only for the ship to tilt and causes Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small to push her, and taking her things.
  2. Little Miss Calamity is knitting, only for the ship to make Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small knocking her off and they knit instead.
  3. Little Miss Calamity decides to jump when the ship tilts, only for Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small hitting them back.
  4. Little Miss Calamity is sitting in a rubber raft, which bounces Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small back, but the water washes her raft away.


Voice Cast[]




The transcript for "Ships" can be found here.


  • This episode is the last for several things:
    • The last episode to feature Little Miss Calamity, and the last appearance of her until the graphic comics by VIZ Media.
    • The last episode Mr. Fussy is referred as Mr. Per(s)nickety.
      • It is also the last episode Mr. Persnickety is in his first season colour scheme until an error in Cinema and in Home Improvement.
    • The last episode of the series to feature the original format of the series. Season 2 would introduce a more standard format for the series with a typical maximum of 4 plots (the one minute ones typically being adverts, infomercials, or occasionally music videos), a maximum of 3 bumpers, only unique scene transitions once per episode, and a revamp of the dance videos.
    • The last episode to feature the old style of title cards.
    • The last episode Simon Greenall voices Mr. Happy in the UK dub.
    • The last episode Jo Wyatt voices Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Helpful, and Little Miss Naughty in the UK dub, as she left the show. Emma Tate took over Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Helpful, while Alex Kelly took over Little Miss Scary, and while Teresa Gallagher took over Little Miss Naughty.
    • The last episode to have Aline Mowat and Jo Wyatt as apart of the UK voice cast.
    • The last episode for the HD Cartoon Network airings to be in 4:3.
  • Plot hole: Unless Mr. Strong's strength is what caused the ship to sank, the Good Ship Dillydale wouldn't sink easily as the part where the hole is made isn't touching the water.
  • When the Good Ship Stubborn hits the iceberg and sinks, the stern is shown filling up with water and sinking, which is not possible as the bow would sink first if it hit the iceberg.
  • This marks the last time where Little Miss Scary wakes up Mr. Nervous from his daydream.
  • Mr. Fussy can be heard singing the SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song.

Dub edits[]

  • Little Miss Calamity's screams are omitted.


  • In some shots, the edge of the backset for the deck on the bumpers can be seen when it tilts.
  • When the Good Ship Stubborn hits the iceberg and sinks, the stern is shown filling up with water and sinking, which is impossible as the bow would sink first if it hit the iceberg.

Mr. Grumpy with wrong arms

  • In some shots of the conga line, Mr. Grumpy has Mr. Bump’s arms.


Ships Title Card

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