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Sneezes & Hiccups the twenty-third episode (first part of the twelfth episode) of Season 2 of The Mr. Men Show.


Whether it's a tiny sneeze or a small hiccup, something is afflicting the people of Dillydale. Mr. Stubborn refuses to accept the fact that he is sick; Mr. Messy is having an uncontrollable sneezing attack; and Miss Magic struggles to cure Miss Daredevil's hiccups.


  • Mr. Stubborn, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Lazy and Mr. Happy's Plot: Mr. Stubborn develops a cold, but refuses to admit that he is sick, despite Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Lazy, and Mr. Happy (who is the doctor) trying to tell him. He eventually sneezes down the entire building. (Deleted in the Russian dub)
  • Mr. Fussy and Mr. Rude's Plot (US version only): The Dillydale Glee Club with Mr. Fussy performs a concert made using sneezes and hiccups, in which Mr. Rude ends with a burp, causing the rest of the band to shout his name. Mr. Fussy thinks the show is ruined, until the audience is revealed to be Mr. Rude's family giving the performance a standing ovation. Mr. Fussy takes a bow, and the segment ends.
  • Mr. Fussy, Mr. Messy and Mr. Tickle's Plot: Mr. Fussy invites Mr. Messy and Mr. Tickle to a fancy restaurant where they are required to wear a tie and Mr. Messy doesn't bring one. Mr. Happy gives him one which gives him a crazy style. He then sneezes (even though he's one of the 12 characters with no visible nose) and Mr. Fussy starts to find and get rid of the thing that could be making him sneeze. It turns out in the end that the tie was making him sneeze.
  • Miss Magic's Plot: Miss Daredevil develops hiccups, she goes to Miss Magic, who somewhat makes things worse, especially with turning Miss Daredevil into a goat. In the end when her hiccups were cured it created an Audrey II. Little Miss Magic then transforms herself into a lawnmower to get away from the Audrey II and Miss Scary gets the hiccups. But instead of calling Little Miss Magic back to treat Little Miss Scary (the former is now mowing the grass outside the building), the latter decides to take the Audrey II plant home.


Mr. Grumpy is waiting at a bus stop, with Mr. Bounce and Mr. Scatterbrain sneezing.

  1. Mr. Bounce bounces as he sneeze. Mr. Grumpy stops Mr. Bounce by holding him, but makes himself bounce too much.
  2. Mr. Scatterbrain's nose inflates as he sneeze. Mr. Grumpy stops Mr. Scatterbrain by holding his nose, but causes Mr. Grumpy's nose to inflate, and deflate after.
  3. When both Mr. Men start sneezing, Mr. Grumpy decides to stop both of them by doing the same actions at the same time, but causes himself to bounce every time he sneezes. Mr. Grumpy then leaves the stop, with him sneezing and bouncing.


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The transcript for "Sneezes and Hiccups" can be found here.


  • Everyone except for Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Whoops, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Curious, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Funny and Mr. Tall appeared in this episode.
  • This is another episode to have two different edits, where Mr. Fussy and Mr. Rude's plot is deleted in the British dub, while Mr. Stubborn's plot is deleted in the Russian dub,
  • Mr. Messy appears to be allergic to ties or fabric.
  • Miss Scary breaks the 4th wall at the end by scaring the narrator.
  • The narrator broke the fourth wall by talking to Miss Scary in the end and thanked her for curing his hiccups.
  • Little Miss Scary can play the bagpipes.
  • Mr. Happy says all the Mr. Men in the restaurant need to wear a tie, but Mr. Small isn't wearing one (from what we saw).
  • The exact opposite of what happens in Dance occurs; Little Miss Sunshine is shown getting angry when Mr. Rude burps while Mr. Nervous isn't, unlike in Dance when Mr. Rude farted.
  • This is the only appearance of Mr. Rude's family.
  • There is a possible cameo of Mr. Miserable on Mr. Happy's thermometer.


  • When Mr. Stubborn sneezes the building down, you can see the building is already destroyed before he sneezes.
  • When Mr. Bump, Mr. Nervous, and Mr. Messy sneeze, if one looks carefully, a clone of Mr. Bump can be seen behind Mr. Messy's scribbles.
  • Mr. Tickle is not seen with his necktie in some parts of the 2nd (3rd in the US version) segment.
  • After Mr. Fussy pulls Mr. Tickle away from the table, the latter says, "But I can't tickle from over here!", but he could still extend his arms.
  • When Mr. Stubborn sneezes for the first time, his hairs are crooked, but when he tells Mr. Happy that he doesn't have a cold, his hairs are straight again.
  • Mr. Lazy isn't seen when the building collapses.

Dub edits[]

  • The costume party Miss Chatterbox attended is referred to as a fancy dress party in the UK dub.
  • When telling Mr. Stubborn to go home, Mr. Grumpy says "getting the rest of us sick" in the US version and "making the rest of us ill" in the UK version.
  • When Mr. Stubborn leaves, Miss Chatterbox says "Feel better!" in the US version and "Get well soon!" in the UK version.
  • When Mr. Fussy, Mr. Tickle, and Mr. Messy are running out of the restaurant, Mr. Messy is screaming "CHEEEEESE!". This was not present in the US version.
  • "Some doctors are good at fixing broken legs or upset tummies" is changed to "Some doctors are good at fixing broken legs or specialize in upset stomachs".


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The Mr Men Show "Sneezes & Hiccups" (S2 E23)

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