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Snow is a Season 1 episode of The Mr. Men Show.


Mr. Bump's snowman proves a "flakey" companion; Little Miss Calamity braves the snow for a good broadcast; and even penguins are left shivering when Mr. Stubborn resists turning up the heat.


  • Mr. Bump and Miss Whoops' Plot: Mr. Bump makes a snowman, but he got caught by his sister's bulldozer, and she can't stop it!
  • Miss Calamity, Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine's Plot: Little Miss Calamity reports on the snow outdoors on Good Morning Dillydale.
  • Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Stubborn's Plot: Mr. Grumpy visits Mr. Stubborn, but Mr. Stubborn's house is too cold!
  • Mr. Messy and Mr. Persnickety's Plot: Mr. Messy keeps shovelling snow into Mr. Persnickety's door step. He soon buries Mr. Persnickety in his house up with snow.
  • Miss Daredevil and Mr. Quiet's Plot: Miss Daredevil and Mr. Quiet sled to the snow. (Not in the UK)


  • Little Miss Helpful sings a song called "Iceberg Boogie" in this episode in the United States version, but in the UK version, Miss Naughty sings it.
  • Mr. Pernickety's video is in this episode.
  • All Plots feature 2 Characters.
  • The lake Miss Naughty skates on looks like the 90's Boomerang logo.
  • Goof: Mr. Stubborn has three hairs when he walks to the door.
  • Mr. Tickle's arms are tied to the tree in the fourth bumper, but between that bumper and Mr. Persnickety's plot, Mr. Tickle's arms can be seen.
  • Mr. Bounce says the pizza is a pepperoni pizza, but when Mr. Stubborn eats it, it looks like a supreme pizza.
  • At the beginning of Mr. Stubborn's plot, Miss Chatterbox says she loves taking a walk when the air is crisp. This may reveal that winter is her favorite season. Also she says "I try to appreciate..." She probably meant every day of winter.
  • Goof: Miss Daredevil and Mr. Quiet probably wouldn't have survived going to the moon on a sled.


Snow Title Card.png

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