Space Goo is the song in The Mr. Men Show episode, Goo. It is sung by Miss Scary and Miss Chatterbox. Mr. Bump, Miss Sunshine and Mr. Noisy also sing in the chorus.


Shazzam! That's Good! - Space Goo


This evil space queen had a plan

To scare every Little Miss and Mr. Men. (Ahhhhh!)

She knew just what she had to do

Send a space pod full of wicked space goo!

Uh-oh! You're out of luck

When your legs and arms get stuck

There's no running or even rescue

When the space goo's come to get you. (Ha ha!)

Have you heard that this goo's taking over the town?

That's the goo! That's the goo!

It ate up all the streets and even swallowed a clown.

It's the goo! It's the goo!

It's really really bad for our neighborhood.

That's the goo! That's the goo!

I've had a funny feeling the this goo's up to no good. (Ahhhhh!) (Ha ha!)

The space queen came to Earth and she won. (Ha ha!)

By gunking up the streets and gooing everyone! (It's fantastic!)

Ha ha! You're out of luck!

Thanks to me now everyone is stuck!

There's no running or even rescue

Now that my space goo's come to get you!



  • The title of this Song looks very similiar to the title of the Xilam Series, "Space Goofs".
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