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Sun and Moon is the nineteenth episode (first part of the tenth episode) of Season 2 of The Mr. Men Show.


  • Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Grumpy's Plot: Mr. Scatterbrain is planting moon tree seeds in the night and gives one to Mr. Grumpy. The moon tree soon grows through Mr. Grumpy's house making him furious.
  • Mr. Happy's Plot: Mr. Happy sings songs about the sun. (Deleted in the UK and Canada versions)
  • Miss Daredevil, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump and Mr. Strong's Plot: Miss Daredevil goes to the moon (who's been there 1282 times) with Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump and Mr. Strong to collect moon rocks. Mr. Tickle causes trouble with his tickles.
  • Mr. Funny's Plot: Mr. Funny plays around with his shadow, which moves without him.
  • Mr. Nervous, Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Rude's Plot: Mr. Nervous is lying on the beach with Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Rude. He builds a beach hut to protect him from the sun and a massive wave hits the 3 on the beach and destroys the beach hut.


  • The nightcap Mr. Grumpy wears in this episode is the same one Mr. Bounce wore in Sleep. It appears again in Clocks.
  • According to its upload on the official composer's SoundCloud, the Mr. Happy's Songs of the Sun segment had an additional song that was removed from the final episosde.
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