That's Enough, Little Miss Bossy is the 9th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 29 February, 1996.


Little Miss Bossy is an unusual sort of person, as she cannot help giving orders, even when nobody is around. It was her birthday, and she decides to get some others over, and bring her gifts. She ends up "inviting" Little Miss Greedy, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Lazy, and Mr. Funny to come over. However, later on, nobody had come to her party, and the only person who paid her a visit is Little Miss Contrary, who Miss Bossy was only able to get her to leave when she tells her to "Do as you like".

Eventually, Miss Bossy begins wandering through Misterland, and comes across Little Miss Curious, who asks her why she's so down. She tells her that it's because nobody has come to her party, and Miss Curious asks her why this is, but Miss Bossy doesn't reply, as she doesn't know the answer to that question.

Miss Bossy winds up at Little Miss Fun's house, and she invites her in; a party is going on in there, and when Miss Bossy comes across Miss Greedy and Mr. Lazy, she begins ordering them about, to which Miss Fun stops the music playing and tells Miss Bossy that at parties, everyone is allowed to do as they wish, and nobody is stopping her from dancing at all, and asks her if she understands, to which she responds with "I think I do." and from that point on, Miss Bossy became somewhat less bossy than normal and she managed to get more friends.



  • This episode was first aired on a day that only comes each leap year.
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