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The Christmas Rescue (titled in the intro as Mr. Men, Little Misses) is a Mr. Men Christmas special produced for ITV's TV-am block. It was released on The Greatest Ever Christmas Video by Tempo Communications on 15 December 1991.


Mr. Clever and Little Miss Star host a show called The Misterland Breakfast Chat. It's a news show where they tell about what's happening in Misterland. They start talking about how exciting Christmas is. But then there was an emergency broadcast from Mr. Nosey. He said that Miseryland was not excited about Christmas. Even worse was that the queen had a horrible plan to ruin Christmas. She told her knights that they had to go to The North Pole and steal presents at Father Christmas's workshop and tied up him, Mr. Snow, and the elves. So Mr. Impossible, Little Miss Magic, Mr. Rush, Mr. Strong and Mr. Busy had to go and save Christmas. Soon Miss Magic started to wave her wand and made everything run at double speed. Then the new batch of toys was finished. Just as they finished, the Miseryland knights (who got lost in a snowstorm) returned with the original batch of toys. Seeing the happy ending go on at the North Pole, everyone at The Misterland Breakfast Chat wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.


Characters in the Opening Only[]



The transcript for "The Christmas Rescue" can be found here.


  • Miseryland is ruled by a King, not a Queen as said in Little Miss Sunshine. In addition, Miseryland had been renamed to Laughter Land, unless of course, the Queen is still as miserable as her husband before.


  • Mr. Skinny is coloured green.

Voice Actors[]

  • David Shaw Parker - Mr. Clever, Mr. Chatterbox, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Muddle, Mr. Snow, Mr. Impossible, Mr. Strong, MiseryLand Jester, Dark Knight, Stormy Knight, Stary Knight, Elves, Father Christmas.
  • Jill Shilling - Little Miss Star, Little Miss Late, Miss Scatterbrain, Elves, Little Miss Magic, Queen of MiseryLand.



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