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Muddle Skating 1675 This is a transcribed copy for the episode "The Joke is On Little Miss Naughty." Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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UK Dub[]

(The title card appears.)

Narrator: The Joke is On Little Miss Naughty

(The title card disappears.)

(The episode begins up with the viewers seeing the scene through a binocular. More specifically through Mr. Tall's POV as he is looking through a pair of binoculars. He sees Little Miss Greedy, Mr. Dizzy, and Mr. Strong setting up a picnic on the beach.)

Mr. Nosey (offscreen): Oh Mr. Tall, can you see her? Is she there?

Mr. Tall (offscreen): No, I can't see Little Miss Naughty anywhere. Just our friends Mr. Dizzy, Little Miss Greedy, and Mr. Strong laying out the picnic.

(Mr. Tall looks over towards Little Miss Twins, who are sunbathing.)

Mr. Tall (offscreen): And way down there Little Miss Twins. Only Mr. Tickle seems to be missing.

(Mr. Tall stops looking through the telescope and turns to Mr. Nosey, who is bandaging his nose.)

Mr. Tall: I think you are just imagining things, Mr. Nosey.

Mr. Nosey: No really. I thought I saw a big crab coming out of the rocks.

(Mr. Nosey takes out a mousetrap.)

Mr. Nosey: But this is what pinched my nose! I'm sure I heard Little Miss Naughty sniggering.

Mr. Tall: Well I certainly can't see her. Let's not ruin our picnic. We'll go down and join our friends.

(Mr. Nosey uses the binoculars to see Mr. Dizzy rowing a boat on the sand.)

Mr. Nosey (offscreen): Now that's odd.

Mr. Tall (offscreen): What is odd?

(Mr. Nosey looks towards the picnic to see a beach cabin hopping over towards it. Little Miss Naughty opens the door and steps out of it.)

Miss Naughty: (chuckles)

Mr. Nosey (offscreen): Little Miss Naughty!

(Little Miss Naughty empties the salt server and puts sand in it before retreating back inside the cabin.)

Mr. Nosey (offscreen): She's there! I saw her, I did! She's in the cabin!

(Mr. Nosey stops using the binoculars.)

Mr. Nosey: Oh me! Oh my! I must warn the others!

(Mr. Nosey gives Mr. Tall the binoculars back.)

Mr. Nosey: Hope you don't mind but I'll take the shortcut!

(Mr. Nosey climbs down Mr. Tall's legs and hurries over to the others.)

(The scene fades to Mr. Strong pushing Mr. Dizzy's boat into the water.)

Mr. Strong: Drive safe out to sea, Mr. Dizzy!

Miss Naughty (offscreen): (giggling)

(Mr. Strong hears the giggling and looks to see a beach cabin (the one Little Miss Naughty is hiding in) making the giggling noise.)

(Mr. Dizzy continues rowing out to sea when his boat starts to sink.)

Mr. Dizzy: Help! Mr. Man overboard! I'm all wet!

(Mr. Strong dives into the water.)

Miss Naughty (offscreen): (giggling)

(Mr. Strong pulls Mr. Dizzy and his boat out of the water.)

Mr. Dizzy: Oh! There was a large cork in there this morning!

(Mr. Strong and Mr. Dizzy investigate the boat.)

Miss Naughty (offscreen): (laughing.)

(Mr. Dizzy and Mr. Strong notice the laughing coming from the cabin.)

Mr. Strong: Now who can that be laughing like that?

Miss Greedy: It's Little Miss Naughty! She's hiding in the cabin!

(Little Miss Naughty pops out of the cabin.)

Miss Greedy: Oh!

(Little Miss Naughty runs out of the cabin with the missing cork in her hand.)

Miss Greedy: What a mischief she is! She deserves a good lesson!

(Little Miss Greedy claps to get everyone's attention.)

Miss Greedy: Okay everybody! We can come up with a plan while we eat!

Mr. Nosey (offscreen): Wait!

Miss Greedy: Oh!

(Mr. Nosey runs over.)

Mr. Nosey: Stop! Whatever you do don't use the salt server! Miss Naughty has filled it with sand.

Mr. Dizzy: Oh!

Mr. Strong: Hard boiled eggs without salt!?

Miss Greedy: You must be joking!

(The scene switches back to the cliff where Mr. Tall calls down to Little Miss Twins.)

Mr. Tall: Can you help us Little Miss Twins?

Miss Twins: Of course! Course!

(Mr. Tickle is shown riding on Mr. Tall's shoulders.)

Mr. Tall: Come along then! We're going to see if our little plan works.

(Mr. Tickle picks up Little Miss Twins and carries them off. The scene fades to Little Miss Naughty walking up to a sandcastle.)

Miss Naughty: Oh.

(Little Miss Naughty looks around kicking down the sandcastle.)

Miss Twin (1): Oh! My sandcastle

Miss Naughty: (laughs)

(Little Miss Naughty runs off and hides behind a mound of sand.)

Miss Naughty: (giggles)

(Little Miss Naughty looks at the first Little Miss Twin when the 2nd one comes and taps her on the shoulder.)

Miss Twin (2): Guess who?

(Little Miss Naughty turns to see the second Little Miss Twin.)

Miss Naughty: Oh?

(Little Miss Naughty turns to find the first Little Miss Twin gone. She looks at the second Little Miss Twin before running away.)

Miss Naughty: Oh!

(The second Little Miss Twin looks at the camera with a big smile on her face. Little Miss Naughty then sees Mr. Dizzy, Little Miss Greedy, and Mr. Strong enjoying their picnic.)

Miss Naughty: Oh...

(Little Miss Naughty runs off to the beach cabins. Meanwhile, Mr. Tickle (still sitting on Mr. Tall's shoulders.) carries Little Miss Twins over to the beach cabins just before Little Miss Naughty arrives. Little Miss Naughty opens a pink beach cabin to find the first Little Miss Twin inside.)

Miss Naughty: Ah!!

Miss Twin (1): Hard-boiled egg Miss Naughty?

Miss Naughty: Which?

(The other Little Miss Twin taps Little Miss Naughty on the shoulder again.)

Miss Twin (2): Guess who?

(Mr. Tickle lifts the first Little Miss Twin up just before Little Miss Naughty turns around.)

Miss Naughty: Oh!

(Mr. Tickle lifts the second Little Miss Twin up just before Little Miss Naughty turns around again.)

Miss Naughty: Oh! Oh!

(Mr. Tickle lowers the first Little Miss Twin.)

Miss Twin (1): Hard-boiled egg?

Miss Naughty: (gasps)

(Mr. Tickle raises Little Miss Twin (1). Mr. Dizzy, Mr. Strong, Little Miss Greedy, and Little Miss Twin (2) exit the cabins circled around Little Miss Naughty.)

Miss Twin (2): Guess who?

Miss Naughty: But it's not fair! There are two of you!

(Little Miss Twin (1) joins the group.)

Miss Naughty: And you others...and I'm the naughty one around here!

(Mr. Tickle lifts up Little Miss Naughty.)

Mr. Tickle: (laughs)

(Mr. Tickle places Little Miss Naughty on the lifeguard's chair and takes the ladder away.)

Miss Greedy: Come on everyone! Let's eat!

Miss Twin (1): Yes!

Miss Twin (2): Yes!

Miss Twins: Nothing like a good trick ought to...

Miss Twin (1): Make you hungry.

Miss Twin (2): Make you hungry.

(Everyone sits down and starts eating the picnic lunch. Little Miss Naughty watches as the others eat. She stares at the salt server remembering what she did. But as time goes by, she not only gets really hungry but forgets all about the prank.)

Miss Naughty: Hey! You're not gonna leave me here!?

(Mr. Tickle returns the ladder so Little Miss Naughty could climb down.)

Mr. Tickle: (chuckles)

Miss Naughty: Hey! I spent all afternoon watching you eat and now I'm famished!

(Little Miss Naughty climbs down and walks up to Mr. Strong and Mr. Dizzy.)

Miss Naughty: Don't you have anything left I could nibble on?

Mr. Strong: Hmm...I have a hard-boiled egg here but...

(Little Miss Greedy hands Little Miss Naughty the salt server.)

Miss Greedy: There you go. It's so much better with salt.

(Little Miss Naughty shakes the salt server only for sand to come out and cover the egg. Little Miss Naughty quickly remembers her prank and becomes shocked that she fell for her own trick.)

Miss Naughty: Oh.

(Fade to black.)

(Episode ends here.)

US Dub[]

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