On February 7th, 2011, there were reports of a Mr. Men Little Miss movie in the making by Twentieth Century Fox Animation', produced by Shawn Levy.[1] By the time of its announcement, no director or writer was signed on the project, as various sources tell.

In December of the same year, Sanrio bought the Mr. Men Little Miss franchise from bankrupt Chorion.

In early 2015, Fox Animation had secured the motion pictures rights to the Mr. Men Little Miss characters from Sanrio. Production wise, it was still in the same state of development as four years ago as Shawn Levy was still assigned as the producer and there being no director or writer attached to the project.[2]

At the end of 2018, Fox Animation was bought by- and became an animation subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios and rights to Fox's production of a movie were likely dropped again. On top of that, producer Shawn Levy went on to work for Netflix as a producer of the successful series "Stranger Things".

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