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The Mr. Men Musical is a musical presented by The Uppity Stage Company Limited in association with Hiss and Boo Productions Limited in 1985.


Mr. Grumpy is very grumpy because Mr. Happy is arranging a magnificent party for all the other Mr. Men and Little Misses. Zenda, a thoroughly modern witch in the pay of Dr. Trotter is out to capture a new species for Dr. Trotter's Travelling Zoo. Mr. Happy is caught and trapped! The Mr. Men, the Little Misses, Farmer Fields and of course, Walter the Worm all plan his rescue. They succeed, Zenda repents her misdeeds and all ends in the most wonderful party ever!

Track List[]

Party Time with Mr. Men
Side 1 Side 2
The Mr. Men Musical (Logo)
Party Time With Mr Men

Also available: LP / Cassette on Stylus/Safari - SMR 8510/SMC 8510 Record Produced by Grant Hossack and John Craig. Recorded at Angel Studios, Slington, London.

List of Characters[]




  • Mr. Wrong, Mr. Greedy, Little Miss Plump and Little Miss Sunshine play a role, as they are depicted in the cast, but their role is not clear from the music on the album.
    • Mr. Greedy is heard in 'Mr. Men Hoedown' where he says "and lots to eat"
    • Mr. Wrong is displayed in suit in the footage photos
    • Little Miss Plump is not depicted in footage, referred to or heard on the album.