Party Time With The Mr. Men is a live stage recording album from The Mr. Men Musical in 1985.

Track List

Side 1 Side 2

A1 Here Come The Mr. Men
A2 Doctor Trotter's Travelling Zoo
A3 Muck Spreadin'
A4 Walter's Song
A5 Mr. Forgetful
A6 I Hate Everybody
A7 Mr. Men Party
A8 Mr. Bump Bump
A9 Mr. Chatterbox
A10 Mr. Men Rag
A11 When You're Shy
A12 Happy

B1 Here Come The Mr. Men (reprise)
B2 Home For Christmas
B3 Happy (reprise)
B4 Brains
B5 The Way You Are
B6 Little Miss Splendid
B7 I Wonder What's Going On
B8 Food Song
B9 Mr. Men Hoedown
B10 Thank You For Everything!

The Mr. Men Musical (Logo)
Party Time With Mr Men


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