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The Mr. Men Show is a British-American animated series based on the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of books produced by Renegade Animation. The show premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on February 4, 2008 and on Channel 5's Milkshake! in the United Kingdom on February 25, 2008.

List of characters

Descriptions taken from the Mr. Men official magazine and a poster for the series.

Mr. Men

Name Image Official description
Mr. Tickle
Tickle transparent.png
If somebody is feeling sad. If somebody is feeling mad. If somebody is feeling bad .... then that somebody needs a tickle. And who better to do it than Mr. Tickle!
Mr. Happy
Happy transparent.png
Everything is just "Wonderful!" to Mr. Happy. Always with a smile on his face, a hungry lion could attack and Mr. Happy would still find the positive in the situation.
Mr. Nosey (spelled "Mr. Nosy" in the US version)
Nosy transparent.png
Mr. Nosey is a loveable lump who innocently pokes his nose into other people's business in the nicest way possible, and his BFF (best friend forever) is Mr. Small.
Mr. Small
Small transparent.png
Mr. Small is so teeny tiny he is often overlooked, but he has a big booming voice and always offers a kind word or tip of his very tall top hat to passing strangers.
Mr. Bump
Mr. Bump is the most accident-prone man in Dillydale, who buys bandages in bulk and is an emergency room regular, and lives next door to his sister, Little Miss Whoops.
Mr. Messy
Messy transparent.png
From his house to his hair, Mr. Messy's life is an unorganised messy muddle. But Mr. Messy doesn't think he is messy, he just thinks everyone else in Dillydale is far too tidy.
Mr. Nervous
Oh poor Mr. Nervous, he's a shaky ball of nerves who spends his day worrying his worst fears will come true, because unfortunately for him, they usually do.
Mr. Noisy
Noisy show.png
Mr. Noisy can't do anything quietly. His walk is a stomp, his talking voice more resembles a footy match shout and his drum playing could wake a hibernating grizzly bear.
Mr. Lazy
Mr. Lazy has a collection of gadgets that are made to make his life as easy and lazy as possible, mainly from the comfort of his favourite place, the couch.
Mr. Funny
Mr. Funny DOES NOT SPEAK! The clown about town expresses his comedic conduct in silence - oh, except for the handheld horn he communicates with, Honk!
Mr. Fussy

Season 1, renamed Mr. Persnickety ("Pernickety" in the UK dub)

Season 2

Mr. Fussy is the fussiest person in Dillydale, but unfortunately he expects everyone to follow in his oh-so-perfect footsteps, and is left disappointed when they don't.
Mr. Bounce
While being able to bounce about looks like a lot of fun, not being able to keep two feet on the ground often causes Mr. Bounce all sorts of problems.
Mr. Strong
Mr. Strong is a sweet and kind muscle man, who is always wiling to lend his super strength to help those in need, and has nicknames for his favourite arm muscles.
Mr. Grumpy
Mr. Grumpy.png
Mr. Grumpy is always grumbling, complaining or muttering, and often finds himself involved in jobs better suited to a happier chap, which just makes him grumpier.
Mr. Quiet
Mr. Quiet likes things peaceful and pleasant on the ears, but finds himself in the middle of sticky situations that ideally require him to shout his way out of, if only he could.
Mr. Tall
Tall transparent 2.png
With his deep, deep voice from way up above, this gentle giant is so sweet and loveable you'll want to give him a big cuddle; if only you could reach that high!
Mr. Rude
Rude transparent.png
While most people choose their words carefully, not wanting to offend others, Mr. Rude is unable to hold anything back, including his many insults!
Mr. Scatterbrain
Scatterbrain transparent.png
Mr. Scatterbrain can't have a normal conversation, his mind races in a thousand confusing directions, and he always remembers his tasks a little too late.
Mr. Stubborn
Stubborn transparent.png
Mr. Stubborn does not like listening to other people's opinion or suggestions, insists on doing this his way or no way, and is far too stubborn to ever admit he's wrong.

Little Misses

NOTE: All the Little Misses are referred on-screen without the prefix 'Little'.

Name Image Official description
Little Miss Bossy
Bossy transparent.png
Whoa! If you don't like being told what to do, then back away slowly when Miss Bossy is about. And don't ever offer her a "no" for an answer; she won't take it!
Little Miss Naughty
Naughty show.png
Always playful and never mean, Miss Naughty is Dillydale's number one prankster and loves playing tricks on her favourite target, Mr. Nervous.
Little Miss Sunshine
Miss Sunshine wakes up cheery every morning with a song in her heart and a smile on her face, and co-hosts a popular morning talk show with Mr. Happy.
Little Miss Helpful
Miss Helpful always wants to help. She's always first on the scene to start the problem solving, however her problem solving usually creates more problems than it solves!
Little Miss Magic
She pops up in places with a magical POOF! With a wave of her wand and a rhyming spell, this Little Miss's magic often turns into mishap.
Little Miss Giggles
With the most infectious laugh in Dillydale, Miss Giggles would find a pea on a plate funny and finds herself innocently LOLing at the most inappropriate times.
Little Miss Chatterbox
Chatterbox transparent.png
Miss Chatterbox loves to talk. And talk. She believes she's an expert on everything, convinced that everyone in Dillydale wants to hear about it. Even if they don't.
Little Miss Curious
Definition of curious: disirous of learning or knowing: inquisitive. Yep, that paints the perfect picture of this constant-question-asking Little Miss!
Little Miss Scary
Scary transparent.png
Miss Scary takes great pleasure in scaring the innocent folk of Dillydale and spends much of her time creating spooky experiments, that never seem to end well.
Little Miss Whoops
Whoops transparent.png
Watch out if the careless and clumsy Miss Whoops comes your way. She loves to help, but is a walking disaster who's unaware of the chaos she leaves in her path.
Little Miss Calamity
Calamity transparent.png
A proverbial black cloud of misfortune hangs over Miss Calamity, which she takes in her stride. Just when it looks like things are starting to go her way, another terrible disaster befalls her. Oddly, she is always suprised by the calamity despite obvious warning signs.
Little Miss Daredevil
Daredevil transparent.png
She's sporty, fearless and often a menace to the safety of Dillydale. When Miss Daredevil takes a risk, she rarely does it without dragging her friends along with her.

​​​​​ Many characters had been given redesigns from their original book counterpart. For a complete redesign listing, see here.


Season 1 Season 2
  1. Physical / Boo-Boos (Doctors & Nurses in the UK, Hospitals in Australia)
  2. Farm / Movies
  3. Science / Lake
  4. Books / Beach
  5. Boats / Mall
  6. Flying / Hobbies
  7. Dance / Inventions
  8. Fair / Camping
  9. Amusement Park / Trains
  10. Paint / Fish
  11. Adventure / Construction
  12. Snow / Canned Goods
  13. Jobs / Gardens
  14. Collecting / Chores
  15. Restaurants / Music
  16. Full Moon / Night
  17. Food / Bugs
  18. Cooking / Rainy Day
  19. Heatwave / Sleep
  20. Yard Work (Lawns in the UK and Australia) / Parade
  21. Games / Superstore
  22. Hotel / Birthday
  23. Car Wash / Wildlife
  24. Dillydale Day / Cars
  25. Sightseeing / The Dark
  26. Circus / Ships
  1. Picnics / Driving
  2. Outer Space / Clean Teeth
  3. Airports/ Shoes
  4. Arts and Crafts / Game Shows
  5. Garages / Eyeglasses
  6. Toys / Reptiles
  7. Hats / Robots
  8. Parties / Up And Down
  9. Dining Out / Gifts
  10. Sun and Moon / Telephone
  11. Seashore / Washing and Drying
  12. Sneezes and Hiccups / Fruit
  13. Radio / Supermarket
  14. Skyscrapers / Cinema
  15. Getting Around / Clocks
  16. Post Office / Pets
  17. Dance Dance Dance / Trees
  18. Library / Pirates
  19. Goo / Trains And Planes
  20. Out To Sea / Next Door
  21. Lunch / Machines
  22. Fairies and Gnomes / Home Improvement
  23. Birds / Bath and Bubbles
  24. Sand and Surf / Parks
  25. Surprises / Travel
  26. Bad Weather / Pests

Voice Cast

US Dub

UK Dub

  • Simon Greenall - Mr. Happy (Season 1), Mr. Bump, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Strong, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Quiet
  • Rob Rackstraw - Mr. Tickle, Mr. Messy, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Pernickety/Fussy, Mr. Happy (Season 2)
  • Jo Wyatt - Little Miss Sunshine (Season 1), Little Miss Scary (Season 1), Little Miss Giggles (Pre Season 2), Little Miss Helpful (Season 1), Little Miss Naughty (Season 1)
  • Teresa Gallagher (Milkshake)/Nathan Simpson (Going Live!) - Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Whoops, Little Miss Naughty (Season 2)
  • Keith Wickham - Mr. Small, Mr. Tall
  • Steven Kynman - Mr. Nosey
  • Tim Whitnall - Mr. Lazy, Mr. Nervous
  • Lewis MacLeod - Mr. Stubborn
  • Aline Mowat - Little Miss Calamity
  • Joseph J. Terry - Mr. Rude, Mr. Scatterbrain
  • Emma Tate - Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Sunshine (Season 2), Little Miss Helpful (Season 2)
  • Alex Kelly - Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Scary (Season 2)
  • Claire Morgan - Little Miss Curious, Little Miss Giggles (Season 2)
  • Godfrey - Mr. Metal
  • Jeff Stewart - Aliens
  • Simon Callow - Narrator

French Dub

  • Thierry Kazazian - Mr. Happy, Mr. Rude, Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Nosey
  • Fily Keita - Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Whoops, Little Miss Calamity, Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Helpful, Little Miss Curious
  • Michel Elias - Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Bump, Mr. Messy, Mr. Fussy, Mr. Tickle
  • Pierre-François Pistorio - Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Small, Mr. Nervous, Mr. Strong, Mr. Tall
  • Nathalie Bienaimé - Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Bossy
  • Olivier Constantin - Some songs (Season 1)

Japanese Dub

  • Noriaki Sugiyama - Mr. Happy, Mr. Tall
  • Haruo Sato - Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Nosy, Mr. Nervous
  • Yuuki Ono - Mr. Bump, Mr. Tickle
  • Reiko Takagi - Miss Sunshine, Miss Chatterbox, Miss Bossy
  • Tomoe Omi - Miss Calamity, Miss Naughty, Miss Giggles
  • Tomomi Nishimura - Miss Magic
  • Tomoko Kobashi - Miss Helpful, Miss Whoops
  • Kimiyoshi Kibe - Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Quiet
  • Emi Nakajima - Miss Daredevil, Miss Scary
  • Mitsuru Takakuwa - Mr. Persnickety/Fussy
  • Takuya Eguchi - Mr. Small, Mr. Noisy
  • Hideaki Nonaka - Mr. Rude, Mr. Bounce
  • Takashi Nagasako - Mr. Scatterbrain

Hebrew Dub

  • Ro'i Segev - Mr. Happy
  • Shimrit Levi Sasson - Little Miss Sunshine
  • Dov Reiser - Narrator
  • Avital Abergel - Little Miss Chatterbox
  • Eli Lulai - Mr. Strong, Mr. Messy
  • Effi Ben Yisrael - Little Miss Helpful
  • Gilad Kletter - Mr. Fussy
  • Nir Ron - Mr. Grumpy
  • Sarit Sari - Little Miss Whoops
  • Michael Einav - Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Rude, Mr. Noisy
  • Moshe Farster - Mr. Nervous
  • Simcha Barbiro - Mr. Tickle, Mr. Stubborn
  • Ido Foos - Mr. Nosey, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Quiet
  • Dor Zweigenbaum - Mr. Small, Mr. Bounce
  • Michal Reshef - Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Scary
  • Ziv Meir - Mr. Bump

Korean Dub (Cartoon Network)

  • Eom Sang-hyeon - Mr. Bump
  • Hong Jin-uk - Mr. Rude
  • Hong Beom-gi - Mr. Nervous
  • Li Ju-chang - Mr. Grumpy
  • An Hyeon-seo - Little Miss Sunshine
  • Yun Se-ung - Mr. Fussy
  • Kim Hyeong-ji - Little Miss Whoops
  • Park Seong-tae - Mr. Bounce
  • Yun Seung-jin - Little Miss Scary
  • Si Yeong-jin - Mr. Strong
  • Bae Ju-yeong - Little Miss Calamity

Korean Dub (EBS)

  • Sin Yong-woo - Mr. Happy
  • Eom Sang-hyeon - Narrator, Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Small
  • Jeong Mi-ra - Little Miss Daredevil, Little Miss Whoops, Little Miss Giggles
  • Jeon Tae-yeol - Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump
  • Lee So-yeong - Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Scary
  • Ha Seong-yong - Mr. Lazy
  • Jeong Yeong-ung - Mr. Nosey, Mr. Strong, Mr. Scatterbrain
  • Kang Su-jin - Mr. Noisy
  • Ha Seong-yong - Mr. Messy, Mr. Nervous


The show premiered on Cartoon Network and Boomerang in the USA, YTV in Canada, Channel 5's Milkshake! in the UK, France 5 in France, Playhouse Disney in Asia, and ABC Kids and ABC Me in Australia, among other countries.


  • This is the first animated appearance of characters created by Adam Hargreaves, in this case, Mr. Rude, Little Miss Scary, and Little Miss Whoops.
  • This was the first Mr. Men related series to not have been produced in its country of origin, as it was produced by Chorion and Renegade in America and then dubbed with British actors.
  • The show was originally going to premiere on Thursday, October 5th 2007 and its timeslot was 4pm EST, but was pushed back for reasons unknown. Its timeslot would eventually become 9am EST.
  • Two of the show's characters, Little Miss Calamity and Little Miss Daredevil, were created exclusively for the television series.
    • The former character, however, only appeared in the first season, as the production company of the show, Chorion, for an unknown reason, didn't like her.[1]
  • Little Miss Scatterbrain and Little Miss Stubborn have had their genders reassigned to become Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Stubborn due to the fact that the writers wanted the female characters to remain mostly positive.[2]
  • None of the character's catchphrases (except for Mr. Noisy's and Little Miss Whoops') are lines from their original books.
  • The entire show uses the Ed Interlock font. The opening and closing credits use Ed Gothic.
  • The series was animated by Renegade Animation for Cartoon Network/Channel 5 and Chorion.
  • There were 104 episodes with 52 from season 1 and 2 each.
  • The show's simplistic art style was inspired by UPA animation.[3]
  • There is a live show that has been held in some countries including Singapore, as seen here.
  • This show was one of the only shows on Milkshake in the UK not to be affected by Viacom's takeover of Channel 5 in 2014, with others including Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.
  • Little Miss Twins and Little Miss Fickle were planned to be in the series, but they didn’t appear because Cartoon Network did not want too many female characters. Also, a character named Little Miss Fabulous was considered being created for the series before the books' Little Miss Fabulous was created in 2016. Oddly enough, it is stated that Miss Twins and Miss Fickle were made for the show, when they weren't. [4]
  • Little Miss Fun appeared as a character in several pieces of official merchandise looking relatively the same, but she was unused in the series itself. Mark Risley confirmed that she wasn't meant to be a character. This design was most likely used as a placeholder to replace Little Miss Calamity on character listings in official merchandise, though there exists a serving tray which features both Little Miss Calamity and the unused Little Miss Fun design.
  • This was the final Mr. Men television series until the announcement of one being produced in 2021.


The series has become a huge cult classic in recent years, and is considered to be one of Cartoon Network's most beloved forgotten shows.

Some fans of the original books hate the show, typically for being unfaithful to the books, its cartoony, wackier tone, the Americanised setting and the redesigns of certain characters. However, many fans generally like the show, this may be because it introduced the Mr. Men franchise to them or because they don't mind the changes and see the show as good in its own right.

In Other Languages

  • Arabic - مستر مان شو (Mister Man Show)
  • Cantonese - 奇妙趣事騷 (Keimiu ceoisi sou)
  • French - Les Monsieur Madame
  • Greek - Μικροί Κύριοι, Μικρές Κυρίες (Mikroí Kúrioi, Mikrés Kuríes)
  • Hebrew - המופע של מר שמח (Hemop shel Mar Shamaḥ)
  • Irish Gaelic - Mr. Men (Clár na Mr. Men)
  • Japanese - MR.MENショー (MR.MEN Sho-)
  • Korean (2009) - 미스터맨쇼 (Miseuteo Maen Syo)
  • Korean (2011) - 와글와글 친구들 (Wageul Wageul Chingudeul)
  • Mandarin (China) - 奇先生妙小姐 (Qí xiānshēng miào xiǎojiě)
  • Mandarin (Taiwan) - 大頭先生 (Dàtóu xiānshēng)
  • Portuguese - O Super Apresentador
  • Russian - Мистер Мэн (Mister Men)


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