The Mr. Men Show is the show premiered on Cartoon Network in the US, Milkshake Five in the UK, France 5 in France, ABC1, ABC2 and ABC3 in Australia, and YTV in Canada.

List of Characters

Mr. Men

  • Mr. Tickle Is now circle shaped and his arms can shrink whenever he wants them to.
  • Mr. Happy Is the same, except for how his legs are slimmer.
  • Mr. Nosy Is lighter green and he is the shape of Mr. Greedy and his nose is orange and it is shorter, he also grew a curl of black hair and he now has a black necktie.
  • Mr. Bump Is the same, except he now has 5 bandages not 6.
  • Mr. Messy He has a unibrow and he has untidy blue and white sneakers.
  • Mr. Small Is orange and has a large black top hat and white sneakers.
  • Mr. Nervous He is egg-shaped, he is purple, his nose is visible and is blue, he wears black shoes and wears glasses. He was A New Incarnation of Mr. Jelly.
  • Mr. Noisy Is mostly the same, except he has a megaphone and walks like an elephant.
  • Mr. Lazy Is green and skinny and he has a pink cap
  • Mr. Funny His hat is bent, his nose has lines he has no gloves or flower and he gains a bowtie
  • Mr. Fussy His moustache is more neat, and gains glasses and a black bowtie. In Season 1 he was called Mr. Persnickety or Mr. Pernickety in the UK and Australia.
  • Mr. Bounce Is the same except bigger and normal sized.
  • Mr. Strong He is triangle and he has no hat, but has a belt.
  • Mr. Grumpy now has a unibrow and a hat like mr strong in the books.
  • Mr. Quiet is now light blue and has 2 hairs on his head rather than five and normal sized.
  • Mr. Tall now has a hat.
  • Mr. Rude trades his black hat for a pair of shoes.
  • Mr. Scatterbrain Is A male counterpart of Little Miss Scatterbrain. He is a literally pear-shaped magenta Mr. Man with a pink nose, a unibrow, and a hat like Mr. Tickle's.
  • Mr. Stubborn is a male counterpart of Little Miss Stubborn. He is a purple, circular Mr. Man with two hairs on his head, a unibrow, and a yellow trianguar nose.
  • Mr. Metal is a guest character who appears in Robots

Little Misses

All the Little Misses' names are referred on-screen without the prefix 'Little'.


Season 1

  1. Physical / Boo Boos (Doctors & Nurses in UK Releases & Hospitals in AU releases)
  2. Farm / Movies
  3. Science / Lake
  4. Books / Beach
  5. Boats / Mall
  6. Flying / Hobbies
  7. Dance / Inventions
  8. Fair / Camping
  9. Amusement Park / Trains
  10. Paint / Fish
  11. Adventure / Construction
  12. Snow / Canned Goods
  13. Jobs / Gardens
  14. Collecting / Chores
  15. Restaurants / Music
  16. Full Moon / Night
  17. Food / Bugs
  18. Cooking / Rainy Day
  19. Heatwave / Sleep
  20. Yard Work (Lawns in UK & AU releases) / Parade
  21. Superstore / Games
  22. Hotel / Birthday
  23. Car Wash / Wildlife
  24. Dillydale Day / Cars
  25. Sightseeing / The Dark
  26. Circus / Ships

Season 2

  1. Picnics / Driving
  2. Outer Space / Clean Teeth
  3. Airport / Shoes
  4. Arts & Crafts / Game Shows
  5. Garages / Eyeglasses
  6. Toys / Reptiles
  7. Hats / Robots
  8. Parties / Up And Down
  9. Dining Out / Gifts
  10. Sun & Moon / Telephone
  11. Seashore / Washing & Drying
  12. Sneezes & Hiccups / Fruit
  13. Radio / Supermarket
  14. Skyscrapers / Cinema
  15. Getting Around / Clocks
  16. Post Office / Pets
  17. Dance Dance Dance / Trees
  18. Library / Pirates
  19. Goo / Trains And Planes
  20. Out To Sea / Next Door
  21. Lunch / Machines
  22. Fairies & Gnomes / Home Improvement
  23. Birds / Bath & Bubbles
  24. Surf & Sand (Sand & Surf in UK & AU releases) / Parks
  25. Surprises / Travel
  26. Bad Weather / Pests

Voice Cast

US Broadcast


  • This is the first TV appearences of Mr. Rude, Little Miss Scary, and Little Miss Whoops.
  • Season 2 takes place one year after season one.
  • A lot of the characters have had updates.
  • The first appearances of Little Miss Daredevil, Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Scatterbrain and Little Miss Calamity.
  • On this very Wiki, the framegrabs are very distorted and blurry, dullish so it looks like it was made in the 80s or 90s. For example, Little Miss Curious's framegrab looks like it was made in 1992.
  • None of the character's catchphrases (except for Mr. Noisy's and Miss Whoops') are lines from their original books.
  • Any stuff for Season 3 must go on this article till further notice.


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