Things cut from The Mr. Men Show include different designs for some characters, characters that were replaced by another character, and newly-created characters that never appeared.

Season 1

  • The following designs of some characters were removed before the final character designs in Season 1.
  • The following characters were supposed to be included in the series, but got replaced by another character instead or removed:
  • The song, Bumpity Bump Bump has an alternate version called, "The Bump", which includes some different lyrics, the reason the song was changed may have had to do with how the original song had suggestive lyrics such as "bump for me baby, bump bump!" and "shake your rump and move yo feet!".
  • The lyrics to "Hobbies (Doin' It)" were originally "doing it" rather than "doing hobbies" but was changed as "doing it" is a slang term for sexual intercourse.[2]

Season 2

  • Mr. Happy's Songs of the Sun from "Sun and Moon" had an additional song that was removed from the final episode.[3]
  • Little Miss Daredevil was originally going to sing the first chorus to Boogie Boots[4].
  • The intro song for Mr. Nervous' reptile hunting show from "Reptiles" was going to be sung by Joey D'Auria's other two characters in addition to Mr. Scatterbrain, with Mr. Rude delivering the first line and Mr. Fussy delivering the second; and all three delivering the ending line together.[5]




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