Things cut from The Mr. Men Show include different designs for some characters, characters that were replaced by another character, and newly-created characters that never appeared.

Season 1

The following designs of some characters were removed before the final character designs in Season 1.

  • Mr. Bump had a visible nose and blonde hair
  • Mr. Small originally had no shoes.
  • Mr. Fussy originally wore a brown vest.
  • Little Miss Helpful originally had pink hair.
  • Mr. Quiet was originally light green and had a yellow nose.

The following characters were supposed to be included in the series, but got replaced by another character instead or removed:

  • Little Miss Trouble was originally going to be in the series, but was replaced by Little Miss Naughty.
  • Little Miss Fickle, Fabulous, Twins, Mr. Greedy, Sneeze and Cool were once planned, but then were removed from the show.

The song, It's That Funk That Makes You Go Bump has an alternate version called, "The Bump", which included some different lyrics, the reason the song was changed may have had to do with how suggestive the original song sounded.

Season 2

In Season 2, there was supposed to be a newly-created Mr. Men character, which fans name him "Mr. Green", added to the series, but he didn't appear because the creators of the show wanted to focus on the characters that only appeared in the books. This is for the same reason why Little Miss Calamity was removed in the final version of the show, even though Little Miss Daredevil, Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Stubborn are still present.

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