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Bumpers are short gags shown during episodes of the Mr. Men Show after a plot. In Series 1 each episode has 3 or 4 Bumpers (except for Physical and Snow that has 5 and sometimes one of them doesn't show in the UK) whilst all Season 2 episodes have 3 bumpers. When they appear some Xylophone music plays. Any information on the individual bumper plots must go on this page ASAP.

List of Bumpers

Season 1

Physical: Mr. Strong is doing physical activies with other Mr. Men characters.1: He plays ball with Mr. Quiet but knocks him away when he passes it back to him. 2: Mr. Strong and Miss Calamity are on the treadmills (This bumper doesn't feature the usual music, because its length well exceeds that of the music.). 3: He bounces on a trampoline with Miss Helpful, but sends her flying and he goes through the trampoline himself. 4: He does weightlifting with Mr. Bump, but the latter falls through the floor! 5: He does Taekwondo with Mr. Bounce and squashes him and gets bounced away (Not in UK).

Boo Boos: This episode has no bumpers at all.

Farm: Miss Whoops is backing up to unload a load from the truck for Mr. Quiet and the loads fall onto him. 1: A corn load. 2: A chicken load. 3: A fish load. 4: He manages to avoid a manure load, but Miss Helpful unloads a second load (this one consisting of apples) onto him from behind!

Movies: Mr. Quiet auditions for a cowboy movie. 1: He misses the horse and lands in a water trough. 2: He successfully lands on the saddle, but the moody horse slides him off and bucks him away. 3: He successfully lands again but the horse takes off leaving him and the saddle behind. 4: The horse takes off before Mr. Quiet lands

Science: Mr. Quiet cleans the museum with a vacuum cleaner but accidently sucks up various exhibits. 1: He sucks up a vulture exhibit and it comes out as a roast turkey! 2: He sucks up the fur and skin of a mammoth exhibit, leaving only the skeleton! 3: He sucks up a mummy's bandaging, causing the mummy to slam his sarcophagus lid shut in alarm! 4: The vacuum breaks down and he starts it up again, but he sucks himself up by mistake!

Lake: Characters jump off a bridge into the Lake. 1: Miss Sunshine jumps into the lake and Mr. Nosy tries to follow but breaks the bridge and sends Mr. Small flying in the process! 2: Mr. Grumpy is fishing and catches Mr. Bump, who had been swallowed by a large fish earlier on! 3: Miss Scary dons one of her masks and scares the fish away when she dives in! 4: Miss Calamity tries to do a running jump into the lake, but a meteor crashing through the bridge causes her to turn tail and go back the way she came!

Books:Mr. Bounce is trying to put a book on the shelf but gets bounced by another character and bounces away through the entrance forcing another character there to dodge out of the way. 1: He gets bounced by Miss Whoops and Miss Sunshine steps out of the way! 2: Mr. Tickle tickles him from behind the bookcases and Mr Bounce falls off and bounces away forcing Mr. Grumpy to duck out of the way! 3: Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy try to help, but Mr. Nosy's size causes the three to run into a book trolley and Mr. Bounce bounces out yet again, prompting Mr. Nervous to run away! 4: He manages to put the book back but is then scared off the ladder by Miss Scary who was lying in wait, and Mr. Bounce bounces away yet again, this time though, he is stopped by Mr. Strong.

Beach: Mr. Quiet is resting on the beach when the tide comes in. 1: A wave hits him. 2: Some Crabs take him away! 3: Same as 1, only this time a starfish turns up on his face! 4: Same as before, but this time two seals show up!

Boats: Characters' boats get sunk by Miss Daredevil. 1: Mr. Quiet in his canoe. 2: Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy in a peddle boat. 3: Mr. Noisy leading other characters in a paddle boat. 4: Miss Naughty tries to stop her, but ends up going overboard when her pirate ship is taken from right under her (due to the speed of Miss Daredevil's speedboat)!

Mall: Characters go into photo booth. 1: Mr. Nervous goes in and comes out almost immediately, as the developed pictures show that Miss Scary was waiting for him. 2: Mr. Lazy goes in and the pictures show him slowly dropping off. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain goes in and the developed photos show the booth filling with water and him swimming off. 4: Miss Daredevil goes in and after her pictures are taken, the booth unexpectedly blasts off. Her photos show she had gone to the moon.

Flying: Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small are flying. 1: They try to get off the ground on a Wright Brothers-style plane. When it does though, the bit that Mr. Nosy is sitting on breaks off, leaving him behind! 2: They fly a different, odd-looking plane but no sooner are they in the air than Miss Daredevil burns it to cinders! 3: They fly their usual flying machine that they're often seen with, but go through Mr. Persnickety's balloon and both crash land! 4: They use the first plane again, this time with jet engines added. But no sooner are they in the air than the bits that both Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small are sitting on break off and they fall to the ground! (Not in UK).

Hobbies: Miss Helpful teaches the Mr. Men how to play golf. 1: Mr. Small doesn't get his ball very far. 2: Mr. Strong not only sends the ball flying, but Mr. Bounce too! 3: Mr. Nervous is frightened away by an emerging gopher, who takes the golf ball into the hole with it. 4: Mr. Lazy doesn't do anything, but Miss Helpful scores him anyway (Not in UK).

Dance: Characters are dancing while Mr. Bounce joins with them. He joins Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small in breakdancing, but is bounced by Mr. Nosy. 2: He joins Miss Whoops in square dancing but a kick from her sends him flying! 3: He tries to dance with Mr. Grumpy who bounces him away but Mr. Bounce bounces back into him! 4: He tries to join Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Persnickety and Miss Whoops in a kickline but is once again bounced away by Miss Whoops!

Inventions: Miss Scary is using test tubes and making something, but only succeeds in making 1: a canary, 2: a koala and 3: a pig. 4: She produces a mini version of herself (with one of her masks already on) that scares her away!

Fair: Characters are going down a big slide. 1: Mr. Bounce bounces his way down. 2: Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small go down together. 3: Miss Daredevil rockets her way down and away with her rocket pack. 4: Mr. Stubborn refuses to go down, but Miss Naughty pushes him down the slide!

Camping: Characters roast marshmellows. 1: Mr. Quiet sets his on fire and quickly blows his out but much too late as it has melted. 2: Mr. Strong also sets his marshmellow on fire and tries to blow it out, but ends up blowing it into Mr. Bump's face! 3: Miss Whoops burns one of three marshmellows, and she blows it out, but all three melt off! 4: Miss Calamity carefully roasts her marshmallow, but a vulture plucks her up out of nowhere!

Amusement Park: Mr. Rude taunts characters at the ring the bell game. 1: Mr. Bounce tries but ends up bouncing away, managing to ring the bell but not take his prize. 2: Mr. Small uses a small hammer and manaes to ring the bell, to Mr. Rude's bewilderment. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain's tiny elephant uses Mr. Rude to ring the bell! 4: Mr. Strong hits so hard that the bell comes off and conks Mr. Rude on the head, so Mr. Strong has to take his prize and run off to avoid getting into trouble!

Trains: Mr. Bump tries to catch his train. 1: He bumps into a telegraph pole. 2: He runs off a bridge. 3: He reaches the back of the train and hopes Mr. Scatterbrain will help him on, but (Mr. Scatterbrain being who he is) is given a turkey instead! 4: Mr. Strong helps by stopping the train with his strength, but it is revealed that he only got the back half of the rear coach!

Paint: Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small getting painted by Miss Helpful. 1: Miss Helpful paints a fence, not leaving a "wet paint" sign, and the front of Mr. Nosy, except for his face gets covered in paint! 2: This time his face gets painted from the other side! 3: Both Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small both get spray painted, leaving their silhouettes which mysteriously walk off on their own! 4: They aren't painted on this time as Miss Helpful just walks on by while Mr. Nosy pokes his nose through the fence, but then sees Miss Naughty pouring paint onto Mr. Small!

Fish: Characters feed a fish to a killer whale. 1: Mr. Quiet tries to feed the killer whale, but some seagulls pick the fish clean of its flesh! 2: In a different setting Mr. Bounce is relaxing in a floatie when some dolphins play with him like a ball! 3: Miss Calamity tries to feed the killer whale, but the whale jumps up and eats both her and the fish!

Adventure: Mr. Quiet is hang gliding at the edge of the cliff. 1: He crashes into the cliff! 2: He jumps off the cliff but the support of the glider falls off, taking him with it! 3: He accidentally lets go of the glider and he falls off the cliff! 4: He just throws the glider off the cliff, but is then abducted by aliens!

Construction: Mr. Noisy is doing a building inplosion (to an audience consisting of characters Mr. Persnickety, Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Nosy, Mr. Quiet and Miss Chatterbox), but things go invariably wrong when he pushes down on the plunger. 1: A balloon inflates from Mr. Scatterbrain! 2: More buildings appear! 3: Mr. Noisy inflates! 4: A sinkhole forms under the audience and they fall in! (Not in UK).

Snow: Characters go skiing down a mountain and crash into a tree. 1: Mr. Strong leaves a hole in a tree. 2: Mr. Bounce starts bouncing between two trees. 3: Miss Whoops accidently sends Mr. Bump down a fissure. 4: Mr. Tickle crashes and his arms get tangled around it. 5: Miss Calamity dodges one tree but crashes into the next (Not in UK).

Canned Goods: Miss Whoops knocks cans over Miss Calamity. 1: Miss Calamity finishes stacking them, but Miss Whoops takes a lower can, causing the whole stack to fall and Miss Calamity to fall into the pile. 2: Miss Whoops takes a can from a shelf that Miss Calamity is dusting, but when Miss Whoops replaces the can, the shelf falls onto Miss Calamity! 3: Miss Calamity chucks the cans in her bag on Miss Whoops and a giant can lands on her.

Jobs: Mr. Nervous is trying to be a animal control worker by catching an animal, but gets chased by 1: a French poodle, 2: a chicken, 3: a monkey and 4: a rabbit! (Not in UK).

Gardens: Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small do garden work. 1: A shoot of grows larger on Mr. Nosy's side then stops. He then pulls it up, taking Mr. Small with it! 2: Mr. Small waters a small seedling which he steps onto so and it grows so that he can give Mr. Nosy a drink. 3: A cloud rolls over Mr. Nosy and he gets soaked, then inexplicably grows branches all over himself! 4: Mr. Nosy waters the ground in front of him, producing a sapling plant, then waters Mr. Small who temporarily grows bigger from it!

Collecting: Chararcters are showing their collection of things. 1: Mr. Strong adds to his dumb-bell collection, but the shelves fall through the floor under all the weight. 2: Miss Calamity adds to her collection of potted plants, but a swarm of bees attacks her! 3: Mr. Bump adds to his collection of first aid kits but his bandages get caught (Not in UK). 4: Mr. Grumpy adds to his birdhouse collection but this attracts birds out of nowhere!

Chores: Mr. Quiet cleans his bust (presumably of a previous mayor of Dillydale) but something odd happens to it. 1: He sneezes and the feathers of his duster go onto it, but he finds it funny. 2: When the dust clears, the face on the bust is gone! 3: The bust sneezes the feathers of the duster onto Mr. Quiet's face! 4: When the dust clears, the bust has Mr. Scatterbrain's face on it instead! (Not in UK).

Restaurants: Mr. Bounce is giving Mr. Lazy's food, but gets bounced by Miss Whoops every time. 1: He bounces on several jellies but lands safely. 2: He is bumped from behind and lands in a spag-bol. 3: He manages to avoid Miss Whoops, but Mr. Rude walks into him and Mr. Bounce ends up the same way as last time.

Music: Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small are break-dancing, but Mr. Nosy makes a crack in the ground which claims (on seperate occasion) in the following order; 1: The beatbox. 2: Mr. Small. 3: Mr. Nosy. 4: Same as last time, only Mr. Scatterbrain emerges from the crack! These bumpers each have a hip-hop version of the bumper theme.

Full Moon: Mr. Nosy is looking through a telescope at the moon. 1: He sees Mr. Scatterbrain's face on it, to his bewilderment. 2: He sees Nr. Nervous being chased by aliens. 3: He sees Mr. Small up there, when he is also on Earth!

Night: Mr. Nervous finds Miss Scary in his window in various ways. 1: He finds her in the window, who frightens him. 2: He finds nothing but Miss Scary immediately jumps up and scares him again! 3: He finds nothing again, but Miss Scary scares him from behind!

Food: Characters use different food for the juicer. 1: Mr. Messy juices oranges. 2: Mr. Strong juices a watermelon. 3: Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy juice a single grape, not getting much juice from it, then juicing more grapes afterwards in the traditional manner; squashing them with their feet. 4: Miss Scary hatches a mini version of herself (Not in UK).

Bugs: Mr. Strong tries to swat a bug, but hits Mr. Bounce by mistakes. 1: A Mosquito buzzes at Mr. Strong. 2: Mr. Bounce swats himself with a newspaper. 3: Mr. Strong collapses the roof.

Cooking: Characters are cooking their food. 1: Mr. Lazy mixes a drink by putting himself a gyroscope. 2: Mr. Scatterbrain tries to make a chicken salad sandwich, with a live chicken! 3: Mr. Strong tries to bake a pie, but wrecks the oven when he closes the door! 4: Miss Daredevil cooks a pizza using her rocket boots.

Rainy Day: Mr. Quiet waiting to cross the street with his umbrella in the rain. 1: He has trouble with his umbrella which folds out very far, then fills up with rainwater and unfolds, dumping the water onto him! 2: He gets trapped in it! 3: The wind blows off the Umbrellas cover (Not in UK). 4: He meets a duck with an umbrella that has HIS pattern on it!

Heatwave: Characters cool each other off with a giant fan. 1: Mr. Strong cools off Mr. Bump, but predictably blows him away! 2: Mr. Scatterbrain cools off Mr. Grumpy, but takes off to fly with some ducks (Fly Away Home-style)! 3: Mr. Messy cools off Mr. Pernickety, but junk from the former is blown into the latter!

Sleep: Mr. Bounce is trying to get his bed down. 1: He gets it down, but it recoils with him still holding on, until he hits the screen. 2: He gets it down again, but this time, he gets trapped in it when it recoils! 3: He ties an anchor to it to keep it down, but the weight of the anchor causes it to fall through the floor!

Yard Work: Characters pull up flowers in thier lawn. 1: Mr. Strong pulls some up and unearths Mr. Scatterbrain in the process! 2: Mr. Bump plucks one to smell, but is then attacked by a swarm of bees! 3: Mr. Scatterbrain plucks another and puts a lollipop in its place. 4: Miss Scary scares the flowers away!

Parade: Miss Whoops twirls her baton. 1: When she throws it up, it comes back down on Mr. Bump. 2: She misthrows it and it ends up going through Mr. Small's hat. 3: She throws it up once more and this time it hits a pelican.

Superstore: Characters are unloading cargo. 1: Mr. Nosy brings out Mr. Small (Not in UK). 2: Mr Lazy does nothing! 3: Mr. Scatterbrain goes in but comes out with himself! 4: Miss Scary goes in and comes out with an octopus.

Games: Mr. Bump is playing a claw machine. 1: He finds Mr. Tickle in the Machine. 2: He finds Mr. Scatterbrain the in machine (Not in UK). 3: He finds a Dillydale Giant Owl in the machine. 4: The claw pulls himself into the machine.

Hotel: Mr. Bump works as a bellhop getting crushed by the luggage. 1: This occurs when Miss Whoops puts a tiny suitcase on the luggage. 2: Mr. Strong puts a lot of luggage on the trolley, which still falls on top of Mr. Bump! 3: Same as last time but a tiny suitcase falls on Mr. Bump's foot (Not in UK). 4: Mr. Scatterbrain loads a suitcase onto the trolley, but the suitcase is loaded with monkeys!

Birthday: Mr. Bump is trying to pin the Tail on the Donkey, but accidently pins it on a living creature, who chases him in anger. 1: He pins the tail on an elephant! 2: He pins the tail on a lion! 3: He pins it on Mr. Grumpy! 4: He pins it on another elephant, this time a tiny one that belongs to Mr. Scatterbrain!

Car Wash: Mr. Quiet goes through the carwash. 1: He comes out with Mr. Scatterbrain on an elephant. 2: His car starts up and drives off without him! 3: He comes out on a scooter. 4: He comes out with a Giant Squid driving the Car (Not in UK)

Wildlife: Mr. Quiet's tent get trembeld by an elephant. 1: It happens once he sets it up. 2: He orders it to stop, which works. But the elephant responds buy sucking the tent up through its trunk! 3: He checks to see if it isn't coming, but the elephant was hiding in the tent and sucks up Mr Quiet from behind!

Dillydale Day: Miss Sunshine sets up the food for the celebration. 1: Miss Whoops spills gelatin over her. 2: Miss Calamity comes with her pie but Miss Daredevil comes in on her bike and wrecks the table! 3: Mr. Strong heavily chucks the bowl on the table, knocking the contents off and the bowl bounces onto Miss Sunshine again! 4: Mr. Tickle tickles Miss Sunshine, but the bowl he brought with him yet again falls onto her!.

Cars: Mr. Scatterbrain is a traffic cop. 1: He stops Miss Sunshine for an elephant to come through. 2: He stops Miss Sunshine to let a big robot through (Not in UK). 3: He stops Miss Sunshine to let a train through (Miss Daredevil can be seen briefly).

Sightseeing: Mr. Strong tries to pack his bags on his car/keeps his car on the hill. 1: He puts his bags on top of the car, but they fall back onto him. 2: As he packs, the car rolls downhill, and he rushes after it and pushes it back up, but a sinkhole forms under it and the car falls into it (without him noticing). 3: He retrieves his car from the hole, but it starts up and goes backwards!

The Dark: Characters are brushing their teeth in the dark. 1: Mr. Happy turns on the light and grins. 2: Mr. Strong turns on the light and breaks the ceiling. 3: Mr. Small tries to reach the light 4: Mr. Scatterbrain turns on the light and sees The Swamp Thing in the Mirror.

Circus: Mr. Quiet swings on the trapeze with other characters. 1: Miss Naughty gives him an anvil instead! 2: Mr. Lazy doesn't catch him! 3: Mr. Bump crashes into him and they both fall!

Ships: The Ship tilts sending Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small down knocking Miss Calamity over board. 1: She flings into the sea normally. 2: She is knitting before flinging into the sea. 3: She dodges falling into the sea but then it tilts again. 4: She is in a life saver but a wave sends her over board.

Season 2

Picnics: Mr. Bump is eating his food, but ants take his food away from him. 1: They crawl up and eat up his corn 2: He lifts up his burger and the ants throw a cup at it and take it. 3: The Ants pick up the blanket and send Mr. Bump down their ant hole.

Driving: Mr. Bump is crossing the street while avoiding traffic. 1: When he crosses, a shopping cart collides into him. 2: When he crosses, a meteor smashes into him. 3: When he does cross, Mr. Small, in his car, bumps into him with no effect, then Miss Whoops flattens Mr. Bump in her steamroller!

Outer Space: Mr. Nervous lands on the moon and tries to put a flag on but runs off after seeing a creature on the moon. 1: An Eye pops out from a crater who put the flag in and scares him. 2: An Alien takes his ship. 3: He lands on Mr. Scatterbrain.

Clean Teeth: Mr. Scatterbrain tries to squeze his toothpaste. 1: He finds an elephant in the tube. 2: He finds another Mr. Scatterbrain in a snorkle. 3: He finds a flying saucer

Airport: The Mr. Men and Little Misses try to load their luggages in the luggage compartment. 1: Mr. Scatterbrain finds his face in there. 2: Mr. Nervous finds Miss Scary in one. 3: Suitcases fall on Mr. Bump.

Shoes: Miss Naughty is placing whipped cream in slippers. 1: She does it to Mr. Fussy who feels disgusted. 2: She does it to Mr. Messy who eats up the cream, to Miss Naughty's disgust. 3: She does it to Miss Daredevil who blasts off, splattering the cream in Miss Naughty's face.

Art and Crafts: Mr. Quiet is painting self portaits of other Mr. Men and Little Misses. 1: He paints one of Miss Scary, but she scares it away. 2: He paints one of Mr. Bounce, but Mr. Bounce's bounciness causes it to get ruined. 3: He paints one of Mr. Grumpy with a smily face, but Mr. Grumpy demands it be changed to a grumpy face.

Game Shows: Mr. Bump is trying to win a prize. 1: A Car that runs him over. 2: A 100g tonne that crushes him. 3: A Squid that pulls him to the machine.

Garages: Mr. Bump is trying to open his garage door. 1: He opens a trap door beneath him. 2: It opens up the garages belonging to Mr. Nosy and Miss Daredevil. 3: Miss Whoops runs into him making him swallow the remote.

Eyeglasses: Mr. Fussy trys on glasses and looks at the mirror to find another character wearing the same glasses as he does. 1: He sees Miss Scary. 2: He sees Miss Whoops. 3: He sees Mr. Scatterbrain.

Toys: Mr. Quiet is playing with his toy train. 1: Miss Magic turns it into a real train! 2: Mr. Bounce is bounced by it. 3: Mr. Lazy is carried off by it!

Reptiles: Mr. Scatterbrain makes balloon reptiles. 1: A balloon made alligator that eats his hat. 2: A balloon made chameleon that takes of his nose. 3: A balloon made rattlesnake that deflated him.

Hats: Mr. Scatterbrain is trying out a new hat. 1: He inflates the hat that quickly deflates. 2: His hat has a jetpack that picks him up. 3: He pours water on his foam hat that grows quickly.

Robots: Characters are asking a robot chef for food. 1: Gives Mr. Strong Ice Cream that he eats. 2: Chucks a big muffin in Miss Chatterbox's mouth, because she drones on. 3: Reveals itself to be Mr. Tickle to Mr. Nervous.

Parties: Miss Whoops is blowing up balloons. 1: She floats away because the Balloon's too big. 2: She accidently inflates Mr. Bump. 3: Miss Magic makes many balloons pop out.

Up and Down: Mr. Rude, Miss Helpful, and Miss Daredevil ride in a balloon, but it doesn't stay in the air too long... 1: Miss Helpful pulls on the cord, but pulls it too hard and the engine goes flying! 2: Following this previous incident, Miss Daredevil uses her rocket boots to get the balloon off the ground. She overdoes it however, resulting in a crash landing! 3: Mr. Rude farts, and the two Little Misses reprimand him, but find out that his farting causes the balloon to finally get off the ground!

Dining Out: Mr. Scatterbrain is serving soup for Mr. Happy. 1: The Soup attracts some Ducks. 2: A tentacle emerges from the Soup. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain emerges.

Gifts: Characters are wraping up their gifts. 1: A robot wraps up a teddy bear for Mr. Lazy. 2: Miss Magic wraps a magic hat when a rabbit pops out. 3: Mr. Tickle's arms end up wrapping the present.

Sun & Moon: Characters wait for the Sun to rise. 1: Mr. Tickle rises like a sun and frightens Mr. Nervous. 2: Miss Naughty ties Mr. Bump to the curtain that squashes him. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain pulls from Sun away from him and Mr. Grumpy. Ouch!

Telephone: Characters are getting a squirrel off of the telephone pole. 1: it jumps out at Mr. Quiet. 2: Mr. Strong breaks the telephone line. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain puts many Squirrels on the telephone line.

Seashore: Mr. Scatterbrain is trying to dig for Treasure. 1: He finds a treasure chest and a pirate ship fires a cannon at him. 2: He finds a plug which drains the water in the sea. 3: He finds a Giant Crustean.

Washing & Drying: What happened in these Bumper? (REALLY need WikiSurf!)

Sneezes & Hiccups: Mr. Grumpy is waiting for the bus with Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Bounce sneezing. 1: He holds Mr. Bounce and his nose inflates. 2: He holds Mr. Scatterbrain and his nose deflates. 3: He starts sneezing and leaves.

Fruit: What happened in these Bumpers? (REALLY need WikiSurf!)

Radio: Mr. Quiet is reading peacefully until Mr. Noisy comes along with his loud boombox. 1: The sound waves cause a lot of squirrels to fall out of the tree onto Mr. Quiet. 2: Same as before, but this time the sound waves cause Mr. Scatterbrain to fall out of the tree! 3: This time, the soundwaves make a crack in the ground which Mr. Quiet falls into!

Supermarket: Miss Naughty is shutting the 3rd Mr. Man/Little Miss that walks through out. 1: She shuts out Mr. Bump. 2: She shuts out Mr. Bounce who bounces about. 3: She tries to shut out Mr. Strong who just comes through with his strength.

Skyscrapers: King Kong is holding Miss Sunshine at the Skyscraper. 1: A cloud in the shape of a banana made by Miss Daredevil in her bi-plane makes King Kong fall. 2: Nothing really happens, he just lets air traffic pass. 3: King Kong grabs a parade balloon that resembles Miss Sunshine.

Cinema: Miss Sunshine is digging into popcorn. 1: When doing so from Mr. Nosey, she pulls out Mr. Small. 2: When doing so from Miss Daredevil, she pulls out a mini-rocket which takes off with her! 3: When doing so from Miss Scary, she pulls out an owl, which of course frightens her away.

Getting Around: Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small are cycling but there's disaster happening. 1: They Cycle past Mr. Bounce and fall into a hole. 2: The peddle up a see saw and Mr. Bounce launches them into the air. 3: Same as the first time except that a flying saucer abducts them.

Clocks: Mr. Lazy tries to turn off his alarm clock. 1: He punches it with a boxing glove. 2: Gets blasted by small aircraft. 3: Mr. Strong moves his bed away from the clock.

Post Office: Mr. Nervous tries to put a letter in the Post Box but runs off after finding a character in it. 1: He finds Mr. Scatterbrain who gives him an octopus. 2: He finds Miss Scary in the postbox. 3: The mailbox blasts off.

Pets: Mr. Quiet is playing fetch with a dog. 1: Mr. Scatterbrain fetches instead of his dog. 2: the Dog fetches a T-rex skeleton. 3: A vulture picks him up after he throws the bone and his dog comes back with the bone afterwards to see that he has vanished.

Dance Dance Dance: Mr. Fussy and Miss Sunshine are ballroom dancing but something odd happens when they twirl around. 1: Mr. Fussy's moustache swaps places. 2: Miss Sunshine's hair swaps places, to her shock. 3: After the twirl, they have mysteriously swapped places with Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy!

Trees: Mr. Scatterbrain is trying to have a picnic near a tree. 1: The Tree eats his basket. 2: He pulls the shadow away towards him. 3: It starts to rain and Mr. Scatterbrain finds a large Mr. Small with a watering can looking down at him.

Library: Mr. Stubborn tries to get a book. 1: The Bookcase falls onto him. 2: Same as before but the book flies out. 3: Mr. Bump helps him but another bookcase lands on him by Miss Whoops.

Pirates: Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small dig for treasure. 1: Mr. Nosy buries Mr. Small alive. 2: Mr. Nosy digs and appears the other side of Mr. Small. 3: They finally find the chest.

Goo: Characters who don't wear shoes get stuck in white sticky Goo on the road from Mr. Messy's cake. 1: Mr. Bounce bounces about making a gooey web. 2: Mr. Strong pulls out pieces from the ground. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain reveals toed feet as he walks out of his feet shown shoes.

Trains & Planes: Mr. Bounce is pushing an animal off of the train tracks. 1: A Cow kicks him making him bounce. 2: A Kangaroo kicks him like a ball. 3: A Large Bird hatches from an egg and kicks him

Out To Sea: Characters go underwater on a Sub to collect a treasure chest. 1: Mr. Nervous picks it up and a giant eel emerges. 2: Mr. Fussy cleans the chest and picks it up. 3: Miss Whoops picks up the chest and drops it on Mr. Bump.

Next Door: Mr. Fussy lives next door to Mr. Messy. 1: Mr. Messy throws Mud at Mr. Fussy's Car. 2: Mr. Messy litters at Mr. Fussy. 3: Mr. Messy uses Mr. Scatterbrain for mowing his lawn.

Lunch: Characters are eating their lunch. 1: Mr. Messy leaves a bad smell to Mr. Fussy while eating. 2: Miss Whoops splats her food into Mr. Bump. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain eats his own hat.

Machines: Miss Naughty is using a teleporting machine to the other characters. 1: She swaps Mr. Grumpy and Miss Chatterbox's bodies. 2: She make Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small swap heights. 3: She makes Many Miss Scary's appear in a fright.

Fairies And Gnomes: Characters open a pop-up book with a fairy in it. 1: Mr. Nervous finds Miss Scary pop up. 2: Mr. Fussy finds Mr. Messy pop up. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain finds a fairy version of himself pop up.

Home Improvement: Characters are trying to fix Mr. Quiet's window. 1: Mr. Nervous is frightened of his reflection and slams the door making the crack appear again. 2: Mr. Strong slams the door hard putting the crack back. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain covers it with the curtain.

Birds: Characters are bird watching. 1: Mr. Small is seen popping out of an egg. 2: Mr. Scatterbrain in a chicken suit is seen with 4 mini versions of him. 3: Mr. Grumpy gets his rubber ducky back from a nest.

Bath & Bubbles: Mr. Tickle is blowing a bubble that resembles another character and tickles it. 1: He blows a bubbe version of Mr. Nervous. 2: He makes one of Mr. Grumpy. 3: One of himself that tickles him.

Sand & Surf: Mr. Quiet is building a sandcastle, but gets destroyed due to another character. 1: Even the Sandcastle scares him off with Miss Scary. 2: Mr. Messy makes it into a pile of junk. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain sucks it up with a straw and sneezes it into another shape.

Parks: Mr. Nervous goes to the fountain. 1: A Walrus pops out. 2: The Swamp Thing from "The Dark" emerges. 3: Mr. Scatterbrain emerges with a treasure chest.

Surprises: Characters pull a wrapper to see what's inside. 1: Miss Sunshine pulls with Mr. Grumpy and gets springy flowers on a headband. 2: Miss Scary pulls with Mr. Nervous and three tiny aliens pop out. 3: Miss Whoops pulls with Mr. Bump and Mr. Scatterbrain pops out.

Travel: Mr. Quiet is looking out of the plane's window. 1: He sees Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small fly past. 2: He sees Mr. Bump falling. 3: He sees Miss Scary press on his window.

Bad Weather: Mr. Bump is crossing the street while avoiding the bad weather. 1: It starts to rain as he goes out. 2: A cow lands on him. 3: A large crack appears in the ground and he falls in.

Pests: Characters are having a picnic and a big spider comes in. 1: Miss Daredevil stops it with one of her rockets. 2: It picks up Mr. Small 3: The Spider eats the food and Miss Scary scares it off.