(Purple Characters)
(Purple Characters)
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Mr. Stubborn
Mr. Stubborn
Little Miss Starlow
Little Miss Starlow the fake
===Brown Characters===
===Brown Characters===

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Strike02 MrMenShow-LittleMi

Little Miss Sunshine-Yellow

TVMr. Happy

Mr. Happy-Yellow

Mr. Bounce

Mr. Bounce-Yellow


Little Miss Daredevil-Yellow

Yellow Characters

Little Miss Sunshine

Mr. Happy

Mr. Bounce

Little Miss Daredevil

Green Characters

Mr. Fussy

Mr. Funny

Mr. Nosey

Mr. Lazy

Mr. Muddle(Face in intro)

Red Characters

Mr. Noisy

Mr. Rude

Little Miss Scary

Mr. Strong

Blue Charcters

Little Miss Bossy

Mr. Bump

Mr. Grumpy

Mr. Quiet

Little Miss Giggles

Mr. Tall

Little Miss Whoops

Mr. Daydream(Face in intro)

Pink Characters

Mr. Messy

Little Miss Helpful

Little Miss Chatterbox

Mr. Scatterbrain

Purple Characters

Mr. Nervous

Little Miss Naughty

Mr. Stubborn

Little Miss Starlow the fake

Brown Characters

Little Miss Magic

Orange Characters

Little Miss Calamity

Mr. Rude (Slightly)

Mr. Small

Mr. Tickle

Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Fun(DVD)

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