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==Yellow Characters==
[[File:Strike02_MrMenShow-LittleMi.jpg|thumb|Little Miss Sunshine-Yellow]][[File:TVMr._Happy.jpg|thumb|Mr. Happy-Yellow]][[File:Mr._Bounce.jpg|thumb|Mr. Bounce-Yellow]][[File:1645958.jpg|thumb|Little Miss Daredevil-Yellow]]
===Yellow Characters===
[[Little Miss Sunshine]]
[[Little Miss Sunshine]] is a sweet and sunny girl, she can be crazy at times aned can easily be scared, she is also Mr. Happy's assistant.
[[Mr. Happy]]
[[Mr. Happy]] is a smiley face with arms and legs, he is also a game show host, despite his happy actions, Mr. Scatterbrain or even Miss Sunshine can annoy him.
[[Mr. Bounce]]
[[Mr. Bounce]] is a bouncing ball who never stops bouncing! It is usually Mr. Strong who causes his bouncing about.
[[Little Miss Daredevil]] is the woman who is ready for everything! No one can stop her, especially not Mr. Quiet!
[[Little Miss Daredevil]]
==Green Characters==
[[Little Miss Busy]]
[[Mr. Fussy]]
===Green Characters===
[[Mr. Funny]]
[[Mr. Fussy]] is a neat and tidy person, if he sees anything dirty, he will clean it up.
[[Mr. Nosey]]
[[Mr. Funny]] loves to honk his horn and play pranks, and he doesn't know when to stop! He is the class clown!
[[Mr. Lazy]]
[[Mr. Nosey]] can never mind his own buiness he always reads letters written by and written for other people!
==Red Characters==
[[Mr. Lazy]] hates working, he says it's too tiring, so he relies on his machines instead.
[[Mr. Noisy]]
[[Little Miss Lucky]] is the lucky little miss, alas, only her face was shown in the intro.
[[Mr. Rude]]
[[Mr. Muddle]] never gets anything right, but he could only appear in the intro
[[Little Miss Splendid]]
[[Little Miss Scary]]
[[Mr. Strong]]
===Red Characters===
[[Little Miss Strong]] (who only appeared in the Beachin' with the Boombox music video)
[[Mr. Noisy]]
Mr. Rude
Little Miss Scary
Mr. Strong
==Blue Characters==
Little Miss Strong
===Blue Characters===
[[Little Miss Bossy]]
[[Little Miss Bossy]]
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[[Little Miss Whoops]]
[[Little Miss Whoops]]
==Pink Characters==
[[Mr. Daydream]]
[[Mr. Forgetful]]
===Pink Characters===
Mr. Messy
Little Miss Helpful
Little Miss Chatterbox
Mr. Scatterbrain
===Purple Characters===
Mr. Nervous
Little Miss Naughty
Mr. Stubborn
[[Mr. Messy]]
===Brown Characters===
[[Little Miss Helpful]]
Little Miss Magic
[[Little Miss Chatterbox]]
[[Mr. Scatterbrain]]
Little Miss Dizzy
[[Mr. Jelly]] as [[Mr. Nervous]]
===Orange Characters===
==Purple Characters==
[[Mr. Nervous]]
Little Miss Calamity
[[Little Miss Naughty]]
Mr. Small
[[Mr. Stubborn]]
==Orange Characters==
Mr. Tickle
[[Little Miss Calamity]]
[[Little Miss Magic]]
Mr. Clever
[[Mr. Small]]
Little Miss Curious
[[Mr. Tickle]]
Little Miss Fun
[[Little Miss Curious]]
===Aqua Characters===
[[Little Miss Fun]] (who was planned for the TV series, but appeared on the DVD covers instead)
Little Miss Whoops
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