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===Yellow Characters===
==Yellow Characters==
Little Miss Sunshine
[[Little Miss Sunshine]]
Mr. Happy
Mr. Bounce
[[Mr. Happy]]
[[Mr. Bounce]]
Little Miss Daredevil
[[Little Miss Daredevil]]
===Green Characters===
==Green Characters==
Mr. Fussy
Mr. Funny
[[Mr. Fussy]]
Mr. Nosey
[[Mr. Funny]]
Mr. Lazy
[[Mr. Nosey]]
[[Mr. Lazy]]
Mr. Muddle(Face in intro)
==Red Characters==
[[Mr. Noisy]]
===Red Characters===
Mr. Noisy
Mr. Rude
[[Mr. Rude]]
Little Miss Scary
[[Little Miss Scary]]
Mr. Strong
[[Mr. Strong]]
[[Little Miss Strong]] (who only appeared in the Beachin' with the Boombox music video)
===Blue Charcters===
==Blue Characters==
Little Miss Bossy
[[Little Miss Bossy]]
Mr. Bump
Mr. Grumpy
[[Mr. Bump]]
Mr. Quiet
[[Mr. Grumpy]]
[[Mr. Quiet]]
Little Miss Giggles
[[Little Miss Giggles]]
Mr. Tall
[[Mr. Tall]]
Little Miss Whoops
[[Little Miss Whoops]]
Mr. Daydream(Face in intro)
==Pink Characters==
[[Mr. Messy]]
===Pink Characters===
Mr. Messy
Little Miss Helpful
[[Little Miss Helpful]]
Little Miss Chatterbox
[[Little Miss Chatterbox]]
Mr. Scatterbrain
[[Mr. Scatterbrain]]
[[Mr. Jelly]] as [[Mr. Nervous]]
===Purple Characters===
Mr. Nervous
==Purple Characters==
Little Miss Naughty
[[Mr. Nervous]]
[[Little Miss Naughty]]
Mr. Stubborn
[[Mr. Stubborn]]
===Brown Characters===
Little Miss Magic
===Orange Characters===
==Orange Characters==
Little Miss Calamity
[[Little Miss Calamity]]
[[Little Miss Magic]]
Mr. Small
Mr. Tickle
[[Mr. Small]]
[[Mr. Tickle]]
Little Miss Fun(DVD)
[[Little Miss Curious]]
[[Little Miss Fun]] (who was planned for the TV series, but appeared on the DVD covers instead)
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[[Category:The Mr. Men Show]]

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