Little Miss Sunshine-Yellow

Mr. Happy-Yellow

Mr. Bounce-Yellow

Little Miss Daredevil-Yellow

Little Miss Sunshine is a sweet and sunny girl, she can be crazy at times aned can easily be scared, she is also Mr. Happy's assistant.

Mr. Happy is a smiley face with arms and legs, he is also a game show host, despite his happy actions, Mr. Scatterbrain or even Miss Sunshine can annoy him.

Mr. Bounce is a bouncing ball who never stops bouncing! It is usually Mr. Strong who causes his bouncing about.

Little Miss Daredevil is the woman who is ready for everything! No one can stop her, especially not Mr. Quiet!

Mr. Fussy is a neat and tidy person, if he sees anything dirty, he will clean it up.

[Mr. Funny]] loves to honk his horn and play pranks, and he doesn't know when to stop! He is the class clown!

Mr. Nosey can never mind his own buiness he always reads letters written by and written for other people!

Mr. Lazy hates working, he says it's too tiring, so he relies on his machines instead.

Little Miss Lucky is the lucky little miss, alas, only her face was shown in the intro.

Mr. Muddle never gets anything right, but he could only appear in the intro

Mr. Noisy

Mr. Rude

Little Miss Scary

Mr. Strong

Little Miss Strong

Little Miss Bossy

Mr. Bump

Mr. Grumpy

Mr. Quiet

Little Miss Giggles

Mr. Tall

Little Miss Whoops

Mr. Daydream Mr. Messy

Little Miss Helpful

Little Miss Chatterbox

Mr. Scatterbrain Mr. Nervous

Little Miss Naughty

Mr. Stubborn Little Miss Magic Little Miss Calamity

Mr. Small

Mr. Tickle

Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Fun


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