• When Mr. Lazy says "Quitting so soon?" he says "stopping" instead of "quitting".
  • Little Miss Calamity just says "Mr. Small." instead of "Hello, Mr. Small!".
  • The UK version excludes Mr. Nervous' plot.
  • The fifth bumper is cut in the UK version.
  • Mr. Happy says "Uh oh!" instead of "Whoa!".
  • Little Miss Sunshine says "Ooh!" instead of "Wowzer!"
  • Mr. Happy, instead of saying "Holy baloney!", says "I can't believe it!"


  • The UK version excludes Mr. Bump and Mr. Strong's plot.
  • The first bumper is cut in the UK.
  • In Mr. Happy and Mr. Stubborn's plot, you can hear the heart beeps better at the beginning.
  • Mr. Happy says "Didn't you hear a word I said?" instead of "Did you not hear a word I said?"
  • Mr. Messy sings his song in his US voice in the UK version.
  • Mr. Happy says "Good morning!" instead of "Oh ho!"
  • Mr. Happy exclaims after Little Miss Calamity says "...into Ferdinand's bowl!"
  • During the fish bowl-ectomy montage, Mr. Happy and Little Miss Calamity exclaim while they move around the room.
  • Little Miss Daredevil says "Hang on very tightly!" instead of "Hang onto your patootie!"
  • Mr. Quiet doesn't exclaim in the UK version - he just says "Look out everyone! Look out!"
  • Mr. Rude says "porridge" instead of "oatmeal".
  • Between when Mr. Nervous says "Well" and "I was warming us some noodle soup when I reached for a wooden spoon" he says "Mr. Pernickety", instead of saying nothing at all
  • At the beginning of Mr Bump's plot, Little Miss Sunshine says something instead of saying nothing at all.
  • Little Miss Whoops says "How about we watch some roller skating?" instead of "How about we watch some roller derby?


  • At the beginning in the UK version, the narrator just simply says "The farm" instead of "Ah, the farm".
  • The narrator says "It's not easy running a farm" a little faster in the UK.
  • Mr. Pernickety says "Oh, quiet you pigs!" instead of "Oh, quiet you hogs!".
  • Mr. Bump makes a lot more noises in the UK version.
  • Little Miss Whoops says "Of course, I'm a trained professional" instead of "Oh sure, I'm a trained professional".
  • As Mr. Bump is holding the hay barrel back to the back of the tractor, he says "Wait for me!".
  • In the UK version, when Little Miss Whoops says "Smell that fresh air Mr. Bump", when she says that line, it sounds less like a question like how the US version is.
  • Mr. Grumpy says "Mr. Rude? Grumpy calling" a little higher than the US version.
  • Mr. Grumpy says "It's very good!" instead of "It's pretty good!".
  • While Little Miss Helpful is taking down his first field of corn, Mr. Grumpy says "Stop it!".
  • Mr. Grumpy says "Get out!" to Miss Helpful much louder.
  • The UK version skips the little music moment in between the Mr. Grumpy segment and the short segment with Mr. Quiet gets a pile of fish on him.
  • Mr. Tickle says "No, but we do know how to tickle" instead of "No, but we sure know how to tickle".
  • Mr. Tickle says "Oh Mr. Scatterbrain, I don't know where to start" instead of "Gee Mr. Scatterbrain, I don't know where to start".
  • Mr. Tickle doesn't hold the work "Out".



  • The Talk To The Flowers song is not in the UK, but kept Dinosaurs On The Loose.


  • The UK version does not have Mr. Rude's scene.


  • The UK version skips the little music moment in between the Little Miss Helpful segment and the short segment where Mr. Small, Mr. Nosey and Mr. Bounce try to get a library book altogether.
  • Nobody screams when the bookcases fall in the UK.


  • The UK version skips the Beaching with the Boombox song.



  • Mr. Tickle says "Count five along from the blue one!" instead of "Count five along from over there!".
  • The UK version lacks Mr. Bump's Plot.


Amusement Park

  • Mr. Strong says "Help is on the way!" in the US version, but says "...definatly on the way"
  • Mr. Nervous' Plot is cut in the U.K..





  • The Mr. Grumpy scene is cut in the UK version
  • The fourth bumper isn't in the UK.
  • In the UK, nut patties are referred to as nut cutlets.


  • Mr. Nervous' plot is cut in the UK version, and went straight to the song.
  • In The UK, Little Miss Naughty said there are 10001 rose petals, instead of 10000.
  • Little Miss Sunshine, instead of saying "Nevermind" says "That's why"
  • In the UK, Mr. Messy tasted blackcurrant, instead of Grape Jelly.



  • When Mr. Bump screams "No No No No Mr. Tickle, Do Something!"
  • In the UK, Mr. Stubborn doesn't yelled "See? No wasps! I Knew It Was A Pinata! Wait! Who Ate My Sweets?"
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