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A Youtube Mr. Men Dance of Series 1 Characters.
A Youtube Mr. Men Dance of Series 1 Characters.

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A Youtube Mr. Men Dance of Series 1 Characters.


How it Goes

  • A Voice Box says "All Mr. Men and Little Misses, Please Report to the Dance Floor"
  • Sillouhette's of Mr. Happy, Miss Sunshine, Miss Whoops, Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Nosy start running.
  • Then A Sign saying Mr. Men pops up then one saying Little Miss
  • Then shows Miss Sunshine doing her Dance
  • Then shows the Characters on squares that resemble Their Books
  • Then Shows Mr. Bump doing his Dance
  • Then shows crotchets and the silhouttes running
  • Then Shows Mr. Grumpy doing his Dance
  • Then A Volume sounder shows Mr. Bounce bouncing
  • Then it shows the faces from the beginning of the Opening Cinematic Appear then the Opening theme plays
  • Then Trumpets appear and later shows Mr. Scatterbrain doing his dance
  • Then Mr. Small plays his trumpets with faces of Mr. Messy, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine popping up calling their names. Then Mr. Small says his name and Mr. Strong appearas underneath and Miss Whoops appears in the circles saying Whoops many times, then Miss Naughty's face pops up laughing.
  • Then Mr. Persnickety's face says "How Revolting
  • Then a car drives past a welcome to Dillydale Sign
  • Then it shows artwork pictures of Miss Sunshine, Mr. Bump and Mr. Stubborn
  • Then a Puzzle with Mr. Nervous quivering shows up. The last piece has Miss Scary
  • Then it shows Mr. Bump falling without a parachute and is saved by Miss Daredevil
  • Then the mouths of the faces in the intro show up
  • Then Mr. Tickle uses his catchphrase "Somebody needs a tickle" with his hands popping up.
  • Then Mr. Grumpy's Catchprase "Crooked Cucumbers" shows up and shows his face then run from Mr. Tickle's arms going "Tickle"
  • Then it shows Mr. Tickle doing his stretchy Dance
  • Then Mr. messy says "That's What I'm Talking About"
  • Then Mr. Rude says "I'll give you, Rude"
  • The many words saying "The Mr. Men" Pop up on screen
  • Then Mr. Happy's face says "Wonderful" showing Miss Scary scaring Mr. Nervous
  • It then shows Mr. Quiet playing a Ukelele until Mr. Noisy starts conducting Mr. Bump, Mr. Strong, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small on Tubas. Mr. Scatterbrain and Miss Sunshine are shown dancing next to them. Mr. Nosy then says "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
  • Thank the Youtube User CrashTeamRacing8191

The Mr. Men Show Trivia

  • Mr. Lazy and Miss Calamity are not shown in the video.
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