Little Miss Magic's Video

  • Little Miss Chatterbox, instead of saying "Get along, little doggies!", she says, "You're quite a cowboy!".
  • Mr. Fussy, instead of sputtering when the Grandfather clock is washing him, he says, "No, it's annoying".
  • Little Miss Chatterbox says, "Yep, it's perfect!" instead of "Yep, it's a keeper!".

Mr. Strong's Video

  • You can't really hear it very well, but it sounds like Mr. Per(s)nickity says "Oh, good lord!" at the beginning of the video.
  • Also at the beginning, Mr. Per(s)nickety stutters at the word 'and' when he says "And it's threatening to shrink my new wool sofa!".
  • When Mr. Per(s)nickety pushes the sofa to the right before Mr. Strong says "This looks bad!", Mr. Pernickety doesn't say "Well...?".
  • When Mr. Strong is walking on the outside of the wall, Mr. Per(s)nickety says, "Oh, dear!".
  • When Mr. Strong pulls off part of the roof with the flag pole, he says a shorter, "Hello!".
  • Mr. Per(s)nickety doesn't scream when Mr. Strong takes off the roof.

Mr. Noisy's Video

  • When Mr. Noisy says "If I have to break the rules with you, I'll have to break them for everyone!", he says this in a high and fast tone.
  • When Mr. Noisy says "Next!", he says it in a high voice.
  • When the bookcases fall, nobody screams.
  • Mr. Per(s)nickety stutters on the word, "She tried" when he says "But she tried to run me over!".
  • At the end, they add an extra scene.

Little Miss Helpful's Video

  • No differences.

Little Miss Chatterbox's Video

  • No differences.

Mr. Bump's Video

  • Mr. Bump says "Here I go then" instead of saying "Here goes nothing!".
  • Also, He says "Geronimo!" instead of saying nothing at all.
  • Mr. Bump screams when he falls to the ground at the end, instead of saying nothing at all.

Little Miss Sunshine's Video

  • There is an extra scene at the beginning.

Mr. Grumpy's Video

  • Mr. Per(s)nickety has a higher pitch laugh at the beginning.
  • Mr. Tickle falls off of Mr. Boune's roof screaming, instead of saying nothing at all.

Mr. Happy's Video

  • You can hear the heart beeps in the beginning more better.
  • Mr. Happy doesn't say the word 'just' when he says "Didn't you hear a word I just said?!".

Mr. Tickle's Video

  • Mr. Tickle doesn't hold the work "Out".
  • Mr. Tickle stills says "You gotta tickle it out" when Mr. Scatterbrain says "You wanna get that milk?".

Mr. Bounce's Video

  • Mr. Bounce says, "Wheeeee!" right when he gets hit by the tetherball the last time.

Little Miss Calamity's Video

  • Little Miss Helpful says "Go ahead, sit down and relax" instead of "Go ahead and sit down".
  • Little Miss Calamity doesn't say "I can't stop!" before she enters the clothes store.
  • Little Miss Calamity doesn't say "I can use some pants" when she goes through the clothes in the store.
  • Little Miss Calamity doesn't say "Arrgh!" when we see her with a pirate hat and eye patch.
  • Little Miss Calamity doesn't say "Doggies, help!" when she enters the pet department.
  • Little Miss Calamity says "Sorry, Mr. Grumpy" instead of "Mr. Grumpy, look out!".
  • Little Miss Calamity says "Thank you, Mr. Bump" instead of "Please let me though, thank you".
    • Afterwards, she says "Sorry, Mr. Bump!".
  • Little Miss Calamity says "What a Calamity!" instead of "Shiver me Timbers!".

Mr. Lazy's Video

  • No differences.

Mr. Messy's Video

  • When Mr. Messy says "Take this chunk of cheese with you, will ya? She likes to feed the turkey", he says turtles instead of turkey.
  • Mr. Messy says "See?" right when he tries on his sock cheese.

Little Miss Naughty Video

  • No differences.

Mr. Per(s)nickety's Video

  • Whenever Mr. Per(s)nickety mentions his sidewalk, he says path instead of walk.
  • When Mr. Messy puts a lot of snow on Mr. Per(s)nickety's house, Mr. Per(s)nickety says "I would if I could!" instead of screaming.
  • Whan Mr. Per(s)nickety says "No, no! Stop helping!", he says "Stop helping me!".

Mr. Quiet's Video

  • No differences.

Mr. Rude's Video

  • The UK's video starts a little later.
  • Before Mr. Small says "Thank you for buying this audiobook, 'How to Be Polite'", he says "This is Mr. Small!".
  • Little Miss Chatterbox says "Hello!" instead of "Oh".
  • When Mr. Rude says "Let's get this dumb lunch over with, Miss Chatterbox!", he says stupid instead of dumb.
  • Little Miss Chatterbox says "Very soon!" instead of "Real soon!".

Little Miss Scary's Video

  • No differences.

Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy's Video

  • Mr. Nervous whimpers when the closet opens.
  • Mr. Small exclaims when Little Miss Daredevil appears.

Little Miss Whoops's Video

  • Little Miss Sunshine can be heard hosting a cooking programme on the telly in Mr. Bump's room, instead of saying nothing at all.
  • When Little Miss Whoops says "Whoops!" before entering Mr. Bump's room, it is rather quiet.
  • Little Miss Whoops says "How about we watch some roller-skating?" instead of "How about we watch some roller-derby?".
  • Little Miss Whoops sounds more panicked when she says "Mr. Bump! What are you doing up there?"
  • Mr. Bump doesn't whisper when he says "I'd like to get some rest now."
  • You can't hear it very well, but Little Miss Whoops says "Whoops!" after Mr. Bump falls onto his bed from the lamp.
  • Mr. Bump makes panicked-like moans when the lamp is about to fall on the floor.

Mr. Stubborn's Video

  • Everyone, except Mr. Stubborn, screams when they get bumped into by Mr. Bounce.

Mr. Scatterbrain's Video

  • Mr. Bounce doesn't laugh between "Well, like ukuleles" and "Which I never learned to play especially with my toes."

Little Miss Daredevil's Video

  • Mr. Nervous doesn't scream when Little Miss Daredevil almost hits him.
  • When we see the slide, Mr. Quiet says "Not the slide, not the slide!".
  • When Little Miss Daredevil crashes the scooter, Mr. Noisy says "Are you gonna take it, Miss Daredevil?".

Mr. Nervous' Video

  • Like Mr. Rude's video, the UK video starts a little later.
  • Mr. Rude says "That guy is as soft as a marshmallow" instead of "That man is as soft as a grape."

Little Miss Giggles' Video

  • Little Miss Giggles says "Of course!" instead of "Sure!".
  • Little Miss Giggles says pasta instead of macoroni.
    • She also says jar of honey instead of peanut butter. eeeheehehehehe
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