Travel is a Season 2 episode of The Mr. Men Show


  • Mr. Fussy, Mr Strong, Mr Messy and Mr Tall's Plot: Mr. Fussy, Mr. Strong and Mr. Messy travel to the forest in the mountains. Mr. Messy invites Mr. Tall to stay with them, but he can't fit in the car so he walks instead, Mr. Messy didn't tell Mr. Strong and Mr. Fussy he was going to stay with them, but he finally arrives. But it rains all day and the power goes out, things become worse when it rains so hard that a flood comes and makes their cabin start to tip over the edge of a cliff, the Mr. Men knew it was smart to stay of the side with less weight, but Mr. Messy tries to pick up his sock and he falls out the window, luckily Mr. Tall was there to rescue him, but then Mr. Fussy almost falls out, Mr. Strong attempts to grab him, but crashes into the wall instead, causing the cabin to fall off the edge of the cliff into a pile of mud. Mr. Tall then says "Look on the Bright side Mr. Fussy, We have only 5 days left of holidays".
  • Mr. Rude's Plot: Mr. Rude commercializes his new theme park, "Rudeland". (NOT IN THE UK VERSION!)
  • Mr. Grumpy, Miss Sunshine, Mr Scatterbrain and Mr Tickle's Plot: Mr. Grumpy, Miss Sunshine, Mr. Tickle and Mr. Scatterbrain go for a camel ride to meet Mr. Bounce at the watering hole. They ride through a sand storm. The camels then go beserk by Miss Sunshine's singing.
  • Miss Magic, Mr Nervous, Miss Scary and Miss Chatterbox's Plot: Miss Magic gives Miss Scary, Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Nervous a glass of water. She accidently turns Mr. Noisy who is swimming in the pool into a whale that covers the whole pool.


  • It's unknown if this is the last appearance of Mr. Noisy or not.
  • This is the only time that Mr. Tall spoke in The Mr. Men Show.
  • It's unknown if this is the last appearance of the Angry Heads who shouted "MR. RUDE!" after Mr. Rude farted during the "Rudeland" commercial. The other commercials with Mr. Rude and the Mr. Men and Little Misses are Dining Out (he burped), Driving, Shoes and Clocks.
  • This is the second time Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Scatterbrain, Miss Sunshine and Mr. Tickle were together.