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    I have been suffering a lot of cyberbullying from a certain person who is a real spoiled bully who gets banned, only to escape it and cause me more trouble. This is what he has been doing to me

    • Made fun about how I looked and how my voice sounds
    • Threatened to get me banned just because of youtube comment settings and I refuse to let him get admin rights here. He only wants Admin rights just to remove mine, cyberbully me and other individuals and upload inapropiate crap about several people like me.
    • Attacks and harrasses me on wikis that I don't or rarely use
    • Impersonated me
    • Impersonated family members
    • Impersonated other people
    • Lied to me about being sorry
    • Blackmail
    • Uploading inapropiate information about me such as pictures of me
    • Called me horribleā€¦
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  • Brainiac Adam

    Merry Christmas

    December 24, 2011 by Brainiac Adam

    Hey everyone, isn't it great now that I am admin. I got rid of all the uproars and fake articles on this wiki and there are no more left. Peace is restored ladies and gentlemen! And I wanna wish you all Merry Christmas! It's that wonderful time of the year again so merry christmas people and a very happy new year.

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  • Brainiac Adam

    I'm back!

    September 26, 2011 by Brainiac Adam

    Hi Guys

    I have returned from Poland now. It was a great holiday. Sad to leave. :( But glad to be back. :)

    So what did I miss?

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  • Brainiac Adam

    Poland Trip

    September 14, 2011 by Brainiac Adam

    Hello Everyone

    Good to see the wiki is peacefull and happy once again. :) Anyway, I want to tell you all that next week I am going to Poland for a holiday. I am leaving on the 19th of September and I will be returning on the 26th too, so while I am gone, I hope all edits will be peaceful and free of war and arguements. So Stan, Caroline and whoever is reading this. Make sure there are no wars and conflicts and stuff while I am gone ok.

    Keep editing my friends. I am still here for now, but one the 19th I am gone and I will be back on the 26th ok. See ya!

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  • Brainiac Adam

    Hello people of the Mr Men wiki, a good friend on Deviantart has created a wiki where you people can post fanmade Mr Men characters now maybe even fanmade episodes and projects, like Season 3. It's a perfect place for you people. Go ahead and add some OCS there.--Brainiac Adam 00:17, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

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