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  • ChameleonCove

    So I was thinking of putting tabs for characters. This is how the tabs will be arranged.

    Character Story Trivia Counterparts Apperances Quotes

    (The Story Tab is only for characters that have a story in thier book)

    You guys won't delete the counterparts in the character pages plus the page would be way too long, so I will let you delete that page and forget about it.

    If you have suggestion or fanfiction, from now on please put your user name or Anonymous after the title like this:

    Little Miss Cute/Ideas for Season 3

    Little Miss Cute: Dare To Be Different

    I've been looking at the episodes articles of the Mr. Men Show and there was false info. If it's not true, please remove it immediately!

    Also, I had a look at my page and there was info not…

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  • ChameleonCove

    Whose your mr man?

    October 17, 2009 by ChameleonCove

    What Mr. Man or Little Miss do you counterpart with?

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  • ChameleonCove


    September 28, 2009 by ChameleonCove

    If You were a Mr. Man or Little Miss, What would your story be about?

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