Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 20 November 2020

Important Anouncement for All Mr. Men Lovers

I just know that most of you have been DYING for a seventh episode of the 1997 Mr. Men Show episodes. We've seen the following episodes so far:

Little Miss Helpful Goes to the Fair

Mr. Small's Big Dream

Mr. Strong Makes a Big Splash

Mr. Clever Flies his Kite

Mr. Fussy Takes a Well-Earned Break

Mr. Lazy Can't Sleep Anymore

Well, have I got news for you: A SEVENTH HAS JUST BEEN UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE! It's "Mr. Muddle Goes Skating"! Yes, all of it.

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 30 May 2020

Just Something I Noticed About Mr. Men Books

Have any of you noticed what I’ve noticed about the 39 original Mr. Men books, from Mr. Tickle to Mr. Slow?

The UK versions of those books have two pages more than the US versions.

I noticed that one day when I visited Half Price Books, saw a copy of Mr. Bump, and noticed two pictures in the book that weren’t in my copy at home: a picture of Mr. Bump’s house and Mr. Bump with his hand stuck in a mailbox. Then, later on, I noticed that the UK versions of those books had 17:pages and the US versions had only 15. So now, I’ve been uploading pictures of the extra two pages in each book.

I’ll end with a little question: what are the two extra pictures in Mr. Dizzy’s book?

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