These are the pages that are on The Mr. Men Show website.

Mr. Tickle

  • Intro Quote: Somebody needs a tickle.
  • Game: Wiggle the mouse to make Mr. Tickle tickle a monkey
  • Video: Mr. Tickle and Mr. Scatterbrain do the "Tickle It Out" song (Farm)

Mr. Happy

  • Intro Quote: Wonderful
  • Game: Click the poker to poke Mr. Happy.
  • Video: Mr. Happy tries to get a carrot out of Mr. Stubborn's ear (Boo Boos)

Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small

  • Intro Quotes: "Just looking." and "Good tidings!"
  • Game: Help Mr. Nosey look for Mr. Small, Mr. Nosey tells you when you're close or far away from Mr. Small by shouting out "Hot", "Warm", or "Cold"
  • Video: Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small ads for The Matress Store with Mr. Nosey as The Matress Wizard (Sleep)

Mr. Bump

  • Intro Quote: Poopedy poop
  • Game: Move the asteroids around to break Mr. Bump's fall
  • Video: Mr. Bump goes sky diving (Flying)

Mr. Messy

  • Intro Quote: Messy, not dressy!
  • Game: Make a big mess by moving paint and stuff from the garbage can around the screen
  • Video: Mr. Persnickety goes to Mr. Messy's Cheese Store (Mall)

Mr. Nervous

  • Intro Quote: This is the end!
  • Game: Mr. Nervous imagines he's on a rocket in a dangerous planet while you try not to make him crash
  • Video: Mr. Nervous imagines he's on a fast rocket but is really on a carnival ride (Amusment Park)

Mr. Noisy

  • Intro Quote: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
  • Game: Click on some things to make some noise
  • Video: Mr. Noisy is a librarian (Books)

Mr. Lazy

  • Intro Quote: Whoa!
  • Game: Fix Mr. Lazy's Snack Machine by putting the piece back where it goes
  • Video: Mr. Lazy buys a robot from Mr. Tickle (Mall)

Mr. Fussy

  • Intro Quote: How revolting!
  • Game: Mess up Mr. Fussy by clicking on him
  • Video: Mr. Fussy and Mr. Messy clean the driveway (Snow)

Mr. Bounce

  • Intro quote: Hello! Goodbye!
  • Game: Keep Mr. Bounce bouncing by moving the paddles
  • Video: Mr. Bounce tries to hit the tether ball (Physical)

Mr. Strong

  • Intro quote: Good thing I came along!
  • Game: Help Mr. Strong to keep the flowers safe from heavy objects from the sky.
  • Video: Mr. Strong fixes Mr. Persnickity's roof (Rainy Day)

Mr. Grumpy

  • Intro quote: Crooked cucumbers!
  • Game: Click on the birds to make them poop on Mr. Grumpy
  • Video: Mr. Grumpy has an ad for his tickle protector (Inventions)

Mr. Quiet

  • Intro quote: Not so loud!
  • Game: Swat the flies with the fly swatter so Mr. Quiet can relax
  • Video: Mr. Quiet does a ballet with Mr. Strong (Dance)

Mr. Rude

  • Intro quote: I'll give you rude! (blows raspberry)
  • Game: Pull Mr. Rude's fingers to make him fart
  • Video: Mr. Rude learns to be polite with an audio book (Books)

Mr. Scatterbrain

  • Intro quote: Where is my head?
  • Game: Click on the things that Mr. Scatterbrain says in the order he says them
  • Video: Mr. Bounce goes to Mr. Scatterbrain's Shoe Store (Mall)

Mr. Stubborn

  • Intro quote: This Website is CHEAP!
  • Game: Make Mr. Stubborn ride on the roller coaster by clicking the red button
  • Video: Mr. Stubborn goes down the up escalator (Mall)

Little Miss Naughty

  • Intro quote: I just can't help myself!
  • Game: Click on the cans that Miss Naughty holds to see some crazy surprises
  • Video: Miss Naughty empties out all the frog tanks (Science)

Little Miss Sunshine

  • Intro quote: Good morning Dillydale!
  • Game: Help shoo the clouds away so Miss Sunshine has a happy day
  • Video: Miss Sunshine dances (Farm)

Little Miss Giggles

  • Intro Quote: <*giggles>
  • Game: Roll over the giggles (bubbles with Miss Giggles's face on them) to make Miss Giggles giggle
  • Video: Mr. Bump interviews Miss Giggles at the check out counter (Supermarket)

Little Miss Helpful

  • Intro quote: Just trying to be helpful!
  • Games: Click on the balloons to make them pop in an arcade game while Miss Helpful "tries" to help you
  • Video: Miss Helpful helps Miss Whoops put the last piece on the dinosaur (Science)

Little Miss Magic

  • Intro quote: Tada! Magic!
  • Game: Help Miss Magic clean her mess
  • Video: Mr. Fussy and Miss Chatterbox go to Miss Magic's Hat Shop (Hats)

Little Miss Chatterbox

  • Intro quote: I like chocolate cakes. I like pencil rubbers too!
  • Game: Click on the plant so Miss Chatterbox can talk to make it grow
  • Video: Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Persnickety go Bird Watching (Camping)

Little Miss Scary

  • Intro quote: I love fear!
  • Game: Make a scary mask
  • Video: Miss Scary has an ad for Miss Scary's Terrifying Train Set (Hobbies)

Little Miss Whoops

  • Intro quote: Whoops!
  • Game: Click on the vase that Miss Whoops bumps into to make it stop wobbling
  • Video: Miss Whoops visits Mr. Bump in The Hospital (Boo Boos)

Little Miss Calamity

  • Intro quote: What a calamity!
  • Game: Wiggle your mouse on the things behind Miss Calamity to make them fall
  • Video: Miss Calamity has trouble with a vibrating chair (Mall)

Little Miss Daredevil

  • Intro quote: Let's boogie!
  • Game: Click on the launch button to see how far Miss Daredevil lands
  • Video: Miss Daredevil takes Mr. Quiet for a trip on a fast scooter (Superstore)


  • Mr. Funny, Mr. Tall, Miss Bossy, and Miss Curious haven't appeared on the site yet because they didn't appear in the Season 2 opening cinematic.
  • Miss Sunshine is the only character who's video is not from a Plot but instead a Dance Video.
  • Mr. Persnickity wasn't shown as Mr. Fussy yet either.
  • The Videos of Mr. Bump, Mr. Nervous, Mr. Grumpy, and Miss Scary are the same in both Website Versions, Regardless that their plots were deleted in the UK.
  • Little Miss Magic and Little Miss Giggles got added to the website when season 2 aired.
  • The site was discontinued in 2014
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