What Happened? is Mr. Forgetful's own story featured on side two of the Mr. Forgetful cassette released in 1994 by CYP Ltd.


Mr. Forgetful cannot remember what happened during a day in his life. He cannot remember where he lives, so he ends up going to Little Miss Splendid's mansion. Little Miss Splendid demands to know why he's there, but Mr. Forgetful tells her that he lives here, though she claims he doesn't. It suddenly occurs to him that he has mistook Little Miss Splendid's mansion for his own house! And that's not all! When Mr. Forgetful was having dinner with Mr. Happy, he tells him how much he can't stand having a terrible memory. Mr. Happy gives him a necktie so he can tie a knot in it so he can remember something. On his way home he meets Little Miss Bossy, whom he forgot her name. She tells him (or rather demands him) to turn up at her tea party at 4:00pm. Mr. Forgetful ties the knot in the necktie, and goes home. No sooner had he begun his merry way home, he met Mr. Strong, who requests the pleasure of him to ask Farmer Fields to give him some eggs, and that he will collect them after he's been for a swim. Mr. Forgetful ties the necktie for the second time that day, and goes home eventually. When he goes home he makes a cup of tea with no teabag in the mug. Then he looks at the necktie that Mr. Happy gave him, but try as he might, he simply just cannot remember what the knots meant! Oh, Mr. Forgetful!

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