What a Choice for Little Miss Fickle is the 3rd episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 30 January, 1996.

What a Choice for Little Miss Fickle.png


Little Miss Fickle gets three invitations from Mr. Strong, Mr. Small, and Little Miss Wise. But, she can't decide on where to go! So, Little Miss Magic makes three of herself so Little Miss Fickle can make up her mind easier! The real Little Miss Fickle goes to Mr. Strong's for an egg supper, but, she can't decide how would she like her eggs! and then she decides she doesn't fancy any eggs and asks Mr. Strong to make her a cup of tea and that makes Mr. Strong very upset. Then, the first Little Miss Fickle clone goes to Mr. Small's to play hide n' seek, but, she can't decide where to hide! Finally, the second Little Miss Fickle clone goes to Little Miss Wise's to watch TV, but, she can't decide what channel to watch! That evening, the three Little Miss Fickles return home for dinner, but, all can't decide what to have! Little Miss Magic returns, and turns everything back to normal, much to Little Miss Fickle's relief! But, as Little Miss Magic leaves, Little Miss Fickle gets more invitations from Little Miss Splendid and Mr. Greedy!


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