What a Question, Little Miss Curious is the 24th episode of the second season of Mr. Men and Little Miss. It was first broadcast on 23 March, 1996.

What a Question Little Miss Curious.png


Little Miss Curious asks too many questions for the other Mr. Men and Little Misses, and they are starting to find it really annoying. Little Miss Naughty tries to annoy Mr. Nonsense, but he is too full of nonsense to be annoyed. Little Miss Naughty becomes annoyed herself when Little Miss Curious keeps asking her why she likes to annoy other people.

Little Miss Curious continues to bother everyone with her incessant questions. Even Little Miss Brainy, who normally knows everything, is lost for words! Then, Mr. Dizzy comes up with an idea, when he sees Little Miss Curious approaching; he asks her where she gets her name from. Little Miss Curious is reduced to silence by such an impertinent question and, for the first time in her life, has no more questions!



  • This is the first episode Mr. No appeared in.
  • There is a Mr. Man that is coloured blue with a yellow nose just like Mr. Mean, but he doesn't have ears and has a cross expression like Mr. Crosspatch. He also has what appears to be a plaster but it difficult to see from a distance. Whether he is meant to be either of these Mr. Men is uncertain.


  • Little Miss Naughty appears in 2 scenes at once. One as a cameo talking to Mr. No, and one as a recurring character.
  • Mr. Nonsense had no eyes when he took his hat off and bowed.
  • Little Miss Naughty was short and round, but was meant to be medium size and oval.
  • Mr. No is fully red in this episode when most of his body is meant to be green.
  • Both Mr. Fussy and Little Miss Neat aren't wearing any shoes.
  • Mr. Mischief has a horizontal line going through the middle of his hat.
  • Mr. Skinny said he had no answers left for Little Miss Curious, despite the fact that Little Miss Curious never asked him anything.
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