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​When Little Miss Somersault Got A Job ​is a story narrated by Joise Lawrence on the Little Miss Somersault cassette.


Little Miss Somersault is said at the beginning to be very good at cartwheels, handstands and somersaults, and very acrobatic, even though she is rather a bit of a showoff. It it said that she rides a bike backwards, balances an umbrella on her nose, roller skates when hoovering, uses stilts to do her washing, and most difficult of all sleep on a tightrope.

One day, she decides to go on holiday, despite not having enough money, so she decides to get a job. She first of all, applies for a job as a taxi driver at a service run by Little Miss Quick, who tells her to pick up Mr. Noisy and take her to the station. But she cannot drive the car normally (she uses her feet to steer), which results in her crashing into the back of Mr. Fussy's car. Little Miss Quick fires her and she has to find another job.

Next, she tries riding a bike for Mr. Rush's delivery service. And because she is facing backwards, she cannot see where she is going, and bumps into Mr. Bump.

Then she tries being a waitress in Mr. Greedy's favourite restaurant. She balances the first meal which is carried out to a table on one finger, and the second on the top of her head. Then she balances a bowl of soup on her nose. But the soup is so hot, she burns her nose and spills it on Mr. Snooty. Oh dear!

Little Miss Somersault is about to give up hope for a holiday on her way home, when she sees the poster advertising the circus, the perfect job for her. The ringmaster, the circus performers and even the audience are impressed. And Little Miss Somersault can finally do as she pleases. She does her cartwheels along a tightrope, her handstands on the trapeze and her somersaults on the back of a horse. In fact, she doesn't bother going on holiday, as she finds her new job too much fun.