When Little Miss Trouble Visited Little Miss Neat is the second story on Side Two of the Little Miss Trouble cassette released by CYP Ltd. in 1996.


The story involves Little Miss Trouble causing havoc for Little Miss Neat and Mr. Fussy.


  • Mr. Fussy
  • Little Miss Trouble
  • Little Miss Neat


The revenge tricks Mr. Fussy and Miss Neat play on Miss Trouble at the end are for the following:

  • Filling her bathtub with rubbish (for emptying the dustbin over Miss Neat's path)
  • Filling her refridgerator with leaves (for throwing leaves over the fence into Miss Neat's garden)
  • Making a trail of muddy footprints up her staircase (for leaving a trail of muddy footprints leading up to Mr. Fussy's front door and then leading back again)
  • Leaving black fingerprints on her walls (for smearing fingerprints all over Mr. Fussy's windows)
  • Mowing her carpet (for walking on Mr. Fussy's lawn and bending his nice straight grass)
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